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Do factory unlocked iPhones really work with any SIM?

Asked by LanceVance (640points) April 29th, 2009
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Factory unlocked iphones?
Are you talking about jailbreaking an iphone?

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Jailbreaking has nothing to do with that.

Factory-unlocked as those in Italy, where there’s not only one carrier that can be used with iPhone (as AT&T in the USA), so it has no SIM-Lock. But what I’m asking is if those unlocked iPhones require any specific SIM cards (not specific in terms of the network carrier, but in other technical means).

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Yes, they work with any SIM.

In HongKong they go for about USD800.-, don’t know about the the price in Italy, but it should be equally high as these phones are not carrier subsidized.

A friend of mine bought one from Hong Kong and uses it on T-Mobile. Of course that means no 3G and no Visual Voicemail.

But generally, to answer your question, yes, the factory unlocked (or rather no-lock) iPhones work on any GSM carrier.

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I already the know it works with any GSM carrier (the point of being factory-unlocked), but does it work with any SIM (or only the newer cards)?

I mean the case is, I have an iPhone here and it’s said that it’s factory unlocked, but iTunes says the SIM card and/or the carrier are not supported. Is it the SIM card that causes the problem or is just that iPhone is not unlocked?

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Different story, I’d say your phone is most likely not really a no-lock phone. Did you find Cydia or Installer in you phone’s apps?

If so, you got ripped.

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Nah, it was sealed and new. It’s just not unlocked.

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You said it’s an Italian one?

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@LanceVance, you should just try unlocking it yourself, via software. Once you do this, you should be able to just pop in a T-Mobile SIM.

Edit: Or, if you paid an assload for the phone, try to get your money back. I doubt that will be easy, though, since the transaction was probably somewhat illicit.

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To be honest, I do not know the origin. I just considered it’s Italian, since it was said it’s factory unlocked.

Well, software unlocking comes as a no-go, since the baseband is already 2.30.03 and the bootloader is 6.02, so no way to downgrade the baseband in order to use yellowsn0w.

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