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Do you think the music or movies certain people like does something to their personality?

Asked by arielrockshardcore (5points) April 29th, 2009

Personalities….Sometimes certain people who might like a kind of movie or music type tend to be like each other….sometimes. Do you think you can tell what music someone listens to by their personality? Or movies?

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I do.
Well, of course they like the kind of music they listen to and the films they watch because they suit their personality, but their taste in these things is shaped by the input they get.
I think it goes for many other things too. For example, what kind of book I’m reading at the moment makes a difference at least to what’s on my mind and how I behave in certain situations. What kind of web communities I hang out in has an even more profound effect.

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Absolutely. I will walk out of some movies, and find myself suddenly with similar characteristics to someone in the movie. My walk, speech, or attiude will adapt.

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Nope, that’s super random :s

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Of course. One of the first things I do when I meet new people is try to gauge their pop culture interests. Many times, if we have some common interests in stuff like that, our personalities will mesh well too. This is certainly not true 100% of the time, but it’s not a bad jumping off place.

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I think films have a significant effect on what we expect out of life.

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To some extent, yes. But I think it tells you more about the personality the person already has. So, I think in a lot of ways it’s that people’s personalities form their preferences more than the preferences form their personalities.

But if books, music, and movies didn’t move us in some way what would be the point?

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It’s interesting to witness the temporary effects. After “Fast and Furious” came out, 6 of my students got speeding tickets. “Fighting” came out last weekend, and yet again, my students have been instigating fights. I think it’s more prevalent in young people, but I’ve seen it in adults as well.

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@zephyr826: “I think it’s more prevalent in young people, but I’ve seen it in adults as well.”

(raises hand) Guilty.
Then again, after 21 summers, I’m just on the edge of being an adult, and definitely not outside the population of young people.

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@Fyrius : I’m more than twice your age and things still affect me. I can still have a concert high for a week.

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Hooray for concert highs!

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Yes, a lot of the time. But not always. For example, I don’t think my personality displays that I listen to some of the music I do, and most people wouldn’t know unless I told them.

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@zephyr826: I’ll have another one of those for week again after tonight. :^>

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usually. but the vice versa is also true. i think the person’s personality determines what they will like, and what they like will accentuate certain aspects of their personalities.

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Not really. They’re good conversation starters I guess, but I just roll my eyes at good friends who love Teddy Geiger or the Pussycat Dolls.

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