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I need to ship a package can anyone give me and estimate on how much it would cost to ship it?

Asked by jdogg (871points) April 29th, 2009

I have a 6ft by 2ft by 2ft package that I need to ship from Illinois to Florida. It weighs about 30 pounds. I was wondering about how much it would cost to do this. Please give me answers from experience. Thanks.

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it gives me innacurate calculation like $500 dollars thats why I asked for a answer from experience…

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Why do you think that the price in inaccurate?
Over-sized is very expensive to ship.

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because actually the package is getting shipped to me (sorry couldn’t edit it) but the person shipping to me said its would only cost like 15 dollars more than normal shipping

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You’ll need a different carrier to ship that oversize pkg. You could take it to UPS to give you a quote, but you’d be better off w/ FedEx (actually you can put the measurements & weight in on the site, too)

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Have the sender call the 800 number for UPS. Or click here:

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This site compares them all and makes a recommendation: UPS, Fed Ex, USPS…
It’s great!

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I shipped a CRT iMac from Oregon to Texas a while ago. That was about 30” cubed and about 45 pounds. It was 30 bucks with FedEx.

Simply a data point.

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I’m not at work, so I don’t have the formula in front of me, but if the dimensions you gave are right, UPS and FedEx will ship this and charge you the dimensional weight of the package, which I roughly calculated to be 213 pounds.
Basically, they’re not making as much money in their trailer if they’re shipping enormous, lightweight packages. So they use a formula to calculate a billing weight. It’s basically WxHxL divided by 194. So you’re looking at a really high charge.
You might be able to ship it via common carrier for less. What is the item?

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the item is a live banana plant

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Why not have the recipient just buy his own?They are a common tree; my friend up the hill has two..they are in pots that weigh about 100 lbs and it takes a village to haul them outside every summer, after the last frost.

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its ok though ive gotten it planned out

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I’m still curious. Why go through that huge effort and expense?

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