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When it comes to jobs that either pay far below what they've been used to or where the duties performed aren't stimulating- have you seen people behave more scornful than accepting of what might be a temporary situation?

Asked by hungryhungryhortence (12171points) April 29th, 2009

I see some of this and wonder if the people are bitter or negative because they fear the situation might not change for them, that somehow this is telling of some failure in themselves rather than circumstances.

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People are people.
They aren’t perfect and sometimes they prefer to wallow than pull themselves up and make things work.

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I’ve come to the conclusion that some people just love to hate their work, no matter what the pay or level. I read complainers all over the blogs and forums. It boggles the mind. I loved nearly every job I ever had, and left the ones I didn’t as soon as possible.

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People got accustomed to how much money they made when the economy was thriving. Now some of them feel entitled to everything they had before when that isn’t a realistic expectation. The they feel as though it is a judgment against them as a person. They think “i deserve better!” truth is that “deserve” is an illusory concept. It’s small thinking considering how many people in the world have no jobs at all.

The hard truth is that as people, we don’t get what we need, we don’t get what we deserve.
We get what we get.

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…and you don’t get upset.

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My husband was laid off in January, and re-hired by the same company last week… at a $15,000.00 per year pay cut. He’s happy to be working again and all, but says it was a lot easier to put up with bullshit at the higher salary, and would be a lot easier to walk away from the job at the lower salary. However, he says he puts the same level of effort and dedication into the job, no matter what the salary is.

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