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What does a "great lay" mean to you?

Asked by quarkquarkquark (1695points) April 29th, 2009

In bed, of course. What does it take for somebody to rock your world, so to speak? Do you think there is something about sex itself that might might it uniformly good amongst most people? All genders and lifestyles welcome.

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Keep their damn mouth shut and do as I say!!

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How do you even answer this question?

I mean, there’s so much to it..

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Well it should probably be with my wife…nudity would be good…and fresh baked cookies at the end.

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Rough, vocal, forceful (on his part)
pardon me while I fantasize

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a couple bottles of champagne and orange juice on the side of the bed, music, hot tub, chocolate, salty things and chips. all these things enhance the experience of a great lay. in order for the “lay” to perpetuate, you need energizers that prolong the experience of lovemaking. each session gets hotter because you have all the sidebar necessities.

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There’s so many variations. It can be vary romantic and lovey and gentle and slow…and on the other hand it can be a complete throwdown: hair-grabbing and screaming included.

I would classify the first as more lovemaking and the second as fucking. Both can be great lays, in my opinion, as long as there is passion, each person knows what they are doing, and knows each other’s sweet spots. ;)

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@aviona – Yup. I’d’ve said almost the exact same thing.

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A great lay is someone who goes above and beyond the bare minimum of the sex making.

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Don’t forget who wears the pants. ;)

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@SeventhSense: How are they supposed to get anything done if they’re wearing pants?

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You just use the fly.

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@SeventhSense You know you like it when Im forceful and Yeah guys can do that not so easy to just use the fly if your a girl.

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Maybe on special occasions if you’re very good bad

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Im always good bad

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To me it means casual sex, which is best because you don’t have to wear a tie.

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I think a good general rule is: sex is good for me when it’s good for you, and vice versa. I always enjoy it more when my partner seems really into it; they seem to feel the same way.

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When the word “lay” is used as a euphamism for sex, I think there is an assumption of having sex with someone you are not romantically (or are
intending to be romantically) involved with.

So to me, a “great lay” is sex with someone I find wildly
attractive, who is wildly attracted to me, and when that attraction leads to the desire to consume every part of each other.

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A tremendous lay…er

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That’s for my wife to know only…sorry.

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One hell of a potato chip.

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you know it was great if you lost inhibitions you never thought you’d lose ;)

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about a foot from the green and an easy putt?

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Like my ^birdie^..granted it’s not an eagle. :)

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I’ll never forget Vegas

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