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Is it worth it to major in Journalism?

Asked by loveurmindnsoul (380points) April 30th, 2009

What do you think? Many people are saying you probably won’t get a job when you graduate

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I know my friend graduated with a degree in journalism and then went to culinary school.

She is now a dog-walker.

Rather telling.

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“Journalism isn’t dying; it’s just in a period of extreme volatility. And in any time of volatility, there’s huge room for opportunity. But you’re not going to learn how to exploit it in a stuffy classroom taught by people who got there by working at newspapers.”

Both articles seem to be saying that yes, there are jobs for journalists, but the schools they are familiar with are not keeping up with the market. If you want to major in journalism, just do a lot of research and check out the offerings. Only apply for schools that are teaching to the future, not the past.

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I always practiced journalism for the love. The other job, whatever it was, provided the survival money. But I haven’t regretted journalism school for a minute.

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All degrees are only valuable if you use what you learned in your after-college life.
Also if you want to be a journalist, it’s pretty important to have the degree.
Don’t let these bloggers fool you into thinking they are journalists.

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It’s not as important to have a piece of paper that says one studied journalism as it is for a journalist to get his/her facts straight on a piece of paper.

But I’m a chess teacher looking for work in software development who maintains a blog, so don’t let me fool you into thinking I am a journalist.

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is not about getting a job or not, ask yourself, is it worth enough to pursue my dreams??? Either you want be a journalist or a scientist, the point is if what your are going to study will make you happy in the long run…

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my take on the current state of journalism is this: if everyone is too afraid of the future of journalism, there won’t be a future of journalism.

everyone seems to be remorsefully letting the perez hiltons of the world take over the actual field of journalism. i can understand that it is not realistic that one would be able to live off a career in journalism, but if there are any brave people willing to try to revive journalism, props to them. if no one stands up for it, it will definitely continue to fall.

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If you are unbiased and report as things are instead of biased and only report one side, it would really be a breath of fresh air to a dying trade. It would be worth it for your readers for sure.

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do something you love. life is too short to work towards something that will get a job that you dont like. i have a firm belief that i would rather be poor and happy than have money and be miserable. thats why i plan on majoring in journalism. because i love to write. and there are SOOOO many fields within journalism. there is alwyas something you can do with that. and people always want to know things. which is what journalism does. get the information to the people.

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