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What happens when my alarm goes off?

Asked by james123 (7points) April 30th, 2009
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Time to make the donuts.

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When mine goes off my dog Gertrude runs upstairs and headbuts my bedroom door. And I usually slam the snooze button.

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When your alarm goes off, our communications centre is notified. They will then immediately contact the nearest Mobile Patrol Officer using a satellite system which notifies them which patrol vehicle is nearest to the site. That patrol vehicle will then go to the site where the alarm is activated, and turn the alarm off and patrol the building to ensure there are no unwanted visitors or hazards, before locking up and securing the building. As soon as this has been done an electronic report is emailed/posted to the site owner to let them know exactly when the alarm went off, which officer attended site and how long it took them to arrive there.

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Dear, Plasma donor!

At first glance it seems as if your question is somewhat lacking substance and context, but then I re-read it and I then realized that I didn’t understand what you mean.

Going through your profile gave me some insight, and I realized that being the 123rd James can get to you. What happened to the other Jameses!? Did they just leave you there? I know from experience that growing up in a wolf pack doesn’t necessarily make you friends with the bear.

Having an understanding of your past, gives a whole new dimension to your question and I understand now where it’s coming from.

I realize the severity of asking a question like that. The reference to the “alarm” is bold and forthcoming. It will possibly cause repercussions for you and I admire your courage to stand up for what you believe. I salute you.

A little googling about your situation revealed how your brother tried to frame you, and put a body double in place of Mr. Anush. He was a barber and the only one you could trust. The conspiracy went deep down the rabbit hole, and seems to involve officer Kowalski in Wadena. He and his retired colleague hunted you down and tried to poison you.

Why would you want to poison a plasma donor?

Not just dismissing your call for help and justice, as just another ill formulated question, has given you a friend. You see? You see what perseverance gets you?

At the moment I can’t reveal my identity, but I will soon contact you.

I will help you.


The man that loves you

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When your alarm goes off, it sets in motion a chain of events that borders on the mundane but has the potential to produce severe mediocrity.

The first event is a beeping noise that is so irritating, it is outlawed in several countries and even a few different states in America.

Secondly, you may or may not wake up but one thing is for certain, dogs and cats in your neighborhood are seriously put out by your alarm and they suddenly have an urge to procreate with mammals outside of their species. I know this because I video proof of it. Check it out on YouTube.

And finally, your sudden emergence from REM sleep every time that dastardly alarm goes off has a tendency to ruin all those wickedly cool dreams that your freaky mind comes up with. That must really suck.

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The lever silently slides off “Safe”.

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it emits a sub-sonic sound that reaches your ear and pisses you off.

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its time to get up and make dinner for your roommates then go to work for 12 hours from 7pm to 7am at a job where you detest yourself for doing it then after the painstaking shift you get to go home to fall asleep only to wake up to a hostile person who cant decide what he wants from anything….wait….thats what happens when my alarm goes off…when you’re alarm goes off just shut it off. :)

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