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What does it mean when someone is "in your fluther"?

Asked by Fyrius (14542points) April 30th, 2009

Help a newbie out.

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Questions asked by those in your fluther become categorized as such. In this way you can see all the questions asked by those with similar interests.. or by those who you just happen to like. It’s a way of keeping connected to those you find interesting, intriguing, or.. in some cases.. appalling.

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It means there are a lot of unique, cool, and intellectual people that are in my happy place on my profile page and there they’ll stay until the end of time. That’s the unofficial but appealing definition of “in my Fluther”.

For a more official and clinical definition of “in your Fluther”, see the fine example submitted by @NaturalMineralWater above.

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Shiny happy people holding hands…. didel dee dee dee didel doodi du dee dee

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it means they secretly Lurve you… or want to at least

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haha, my fluther is bigger than yours!!

-ha, I’m just kidding, but what everyone said above.

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Well, if you’re in mine it means that you’re in the click and are one lucky s.o.b.

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@AstroChuck I’m feeling a bit left out, I’m not in your fluther? *tear

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I can’t add people anymore and I don’t like to remove people from my Fluther. What can I do? Probably nothing.

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In some strange way, when you band together in fluthers, it helps you avoid the dreaded flutherby. [cue suspenseful music]

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@RandomMrdan- Look again. You’ll see that everyone on this thread is in my fluther.

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There is a limit on how many people can be in your fluther??

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“to be in someones’ fluther” is like being in someones’ wake…
they ask the questions, you ride the crest…
lurves all around!

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Can’t add people, @mattbrowne? What happens when you try? Is there a maximum?

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@Jeruba – Yes, there is a maximum. I’ve already reached it.

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