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Why do you give to charity?

Asked by FAGIN (181points) April 30th, 2009

I donate nothing and i do not intend to.
Administrators living the life of luxury on the back of your donations,no thanks.

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Because I am thankful for my blessings. I share my toys, too.

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I pick my charities carefully. If they spend more than 10% in administrative costs I don’t give to them. I Used to give to Heifer International because the concept was so great, until I saw how much was spent on administration. My latest favorite is They loan money to people in developing countries. You can take your money back when it’s repaid, re-loan to someone, or donate it to cover the costs of administering the program.
edit: I forgot to answer the “why.” Because I have been in a position years ago to be the receiver of generosity by anonymous people, who touched my heart in such meaningful ways that I was inspired to become a giver, not a taker.

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Because when I no longer fit into my clothing, or I haven’t worn it in over a year, I figure someone else can definitely use it.

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The Salvation Army. They helped us and our town after it was damaged by a tornado. I also give clothes to a local church that helps those in need.

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Because it’s nice to help out other people. You can find the good ones with some research.

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I donate to Red Cross, and have done single donations into the past to different cancer organizations. I donate blood. I give away clothes I cannot use any longer… to charities, to freecycle, and to craigslist.

While I won’t deny that some may be skimmed off the top, I believe the bulk of our donations actually do reach their intended destination regardless of misdeeds or hamfisted mismanagement.

Jim Stark and the FEMA fuckup down in NOLA was an unfortunate exception, not the norm.

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I don’t give to charities, I do give to people on the street, the clothing donation box at school and our school food drive. That way the little I have to give in going to some in my little community that needs help. I have given blood at the hospital for the Red Cross though.

I to am thankful for my blessings and I am greatful for them everyday.

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I only donate some money every now and then to the Red Cross.

On a side note, you know why oysters don’t give to charity?

Because they’re shellfish.


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@Judi – I’m also active on – microlending can be more powerful than charity. Supporting self-help is the way to go except during natural disasters.

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I give to charities because I can.
I am very careful who andhow I donate. Won’t give to united way since they are basically a middle man and take a cut for administrative costs.

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because i like supporting the Admin staff who run them :)

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I don’t think the administrators are running off with my old clothes and pints of blood.

Besides, someones got to run the damn thing.

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Because I like to help others out. Also, it feels good not to have piles of clothing I no longer want. I give cash when I have extra.

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To clarify my statement regarding administrative costs…. I know agencies must inccur these expenses. But, when you donate to a middleman, like united way, then there are two sets of administrative costs that are paid. One for united way and one for the agency receiving the donation. I would rather give directly to the agency I want to receive the goods/money and then the administrative cost is only paid once.
All united way does is pass the donation along to the agency of your choice…. So why not give directly and pass the cut united way would have taken along to the charitable agency you want to donate to?

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@mammal— work at a non-profit and I’m grateful to people like you who give to support our work.
Charity Navigator rates charities on a variety of criteria including the amount spent on administrative costs.
There are lots of ways to “give” without necessariy paying the salary of an administrator that you think is overpaid.
You can volunteer your time.
You can give your stuff (as others have mentioned) to Goodwill, Salvation Army and other organizations that repurpose items.
You can help out at your kid’s school.
You can become a reading buddy at your library.
You can plant trees on Arbor Day or till soil at your community garden.
You can walk your neighbor’s dog or shovel their sidewalk when is snows.
Giving is something we do when we can and at a level we are comfortable with. To say you make no donations does not mean that you can’t contribute to your community, the earth or the greater world in some meaningful way.
I give everyday in my job. I give to organizations whose mission aligns with my beliefs. I support my community. I make donations of money, food, time, and goods when I am able.

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I volunteered on the local ambulance for 7 years. I learned more than I ever could from reading a book. I learned to not fear walking into a life threatening situations. I learned to handle victims of all sorts: MVAs, drug overdoses, and families in unspeakable times of grief. I met truly wonderful, selfless people and formed bonds that have lasted many years. I helped the community and the knowledge and experience gained might even help my family someday. (EMT, 2000 hours active duty)
Like life insurance, I hope I never need it.

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I give because I feel it’s my responsibility. I take the social contract very seriously, and i have been so blessed. I have a job I love, with people I like, and a family who loves me. I can afford cable and internet access. I wear cool clothes (in my humble opinion). How could I not share with those who are less fortunate? Our problems as a country and as a society as a whole will not decrease unless we get involved in some way, whether it’s in terms of our time, talents, or funds.

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I donate old clothes that we can’t wear or use anymore because it would be a shame to throw them out just because they are used.

I give small amounts to the Red Cross when I am able because I have always liked the Red Cross and think they do good work.

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I’m a student at the minute and don’t really have the money. Well, I suppose I do, I don’t have to spend money on nights out and what have you, but at what point do I put others above myself? I think it’s acceptable to not give to charity if you haven’t lived yet, I don’t feel guilty going out and coming back with fifty less pounds in my pocket knowing I’ve just, in the grand scheme of things sort of spent it on nothing because I’m young. I reckon when I make a bit of money and when I’ve ‘been there and done that’ I’d give to charity no problem.

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