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Sexual imagery versus sexual behavior: What are some interesting anomalies you've observed?

Asked by avalmez (1611points) April 30th, 2009

I know people so abhorred by images of nudity or sexual behavior in film or print that they turn their face away rather than view the images.

Yet, some of these same people cheat on their spouses/SO’s and/or engage in all kinds of sexual activity that most of us would characterize them as loose.

While I don’t run across persons like this frequently, it happens often enough. And their distaste for sexual imagery versus their sexual practices is so out of alignment imho that i find it difficult to reconcile the two in the same person. Have any of you observed this phenomenon and wondered about it? Can anyone offer a clinical perspective about this?

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They are called hypocrites.

See Politics and Religion.

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It’s often a public face versus a private one.

This looks like it will be an interesting film on that very issue. (preview here)

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It sounds like they are experiencing shame. People who do these sexual “deviant” behaviors can’t stand to be faced with them in the real world.

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Watching someone else do it is way different than engaging in the same activity in the privacy of your own bedroom. We don’t watch ourselves have sex (unless it’s recorded, but that’s another story), nor are all people voyeurs. It’s not necessarily hypocrisy, it’s just comfort levels with nudity of oneself and others.

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I guess it’s the discomfort of nudity in a context where there are others present. Someone is watching you watch nudity.

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People who criticize weight given to “first impressions” looks, basically
yet it is one of the factors determining their romantic relationships.

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When I’m in the mood to watch it, it doesn’t bother me… and some of my tastes are considered pretty fringe. In the past, I’ve had partners discontinue the sexual relationship after finding out what kind of porn I’m into.

When I’m not in the mood and in public or mixed company, I turn my face away even if it’s something as vanilla as strait missionary sex. The simple truth of the matter is, porn turns me on, and I do not want to be turned on around people I find unattractive (meaning, coworkers, platonic friends, family members, or anyone I don’t know, not meaning “people who aren’t pretty”) who might also be turned on. It disgusts me to be horny around certain people. It has nothing to do with porn in general or comfort with my sexuality. The outward appearance of, “Ugh, do not want” is a pretty clear message that I’m uncomfortable with the situation, regardless if I enjoy those things with my partner(s) of choice in privacy.

I don’t see anything hypocritical about that.

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Now, I really want to know what kind of porn you’re in to. :P
Can’t be that bad.

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@asmonet lol That’s what I was thinking as well. “What porn would that be?”

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the imagery i’m referring to is not the type one would call deviant, and i don’t think voyeurism otherwise applies (although that might be an aspect the viewer senses and so tha’s what accounts for their “public” shame). i have always felt people of the sort i refer to are hypocritical, but i’m not sure that might be a bt harsh (although literally it is hypocritical)

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Public <—————————————————————>Private

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gay bashing public officials<——————————————————————->closet homosexuals

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Do I need to use a copyright? Cheez..

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Wood Floor<————————————————> Shag Carpet

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g’afternoon essie long time no see

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Hey back atcha! I’m around occasionally. I have a new love interest, so he is taking up most of my time ;]

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i noticed the twinkle in your eye..

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What 3or4monsters likes<—————————————————————> What 3or4monsters gf likes

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@3or4monsters People really stopped with you just over your taste in porn? I think thats pretty harsh/stupid (unless it was a type of porn that is illegal for a good reason), but I’ve had people bash types of porn I have occasionally watched (unbeknownst to them) and just kept silent about it.

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@3or4monsters What kind of porn are we talking about, here? Inquiring minds want to know.

@filmfann 3or4 is a girl. ;)

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5 bucks on bestiality :P

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@uberbatman Naw. :) Absolutely NO animals, children, human waste, real rape, or hardcore mutilation… but anything just short of that line is great!

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@3or4monsters i dont see the issue then. You got rid of all the bad kinds of pr0n. The rest is fucking great :P….with the exception of softcore i mean really wtf

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@uberbatman I suspect that some people were just prudes or had other issue, I don’t know. Perhaps they were just being dummies, but for the two I had in mind when I wrote this post, my interests (and their disinterest? rejection thereof?) played a role in why the relationships ended.

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well you can watch all the kinky pr0nz with me that you want ;)

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Hmmm, that leaves gay men porn. Don’t think I could hang around with that on. I still haven’t seen Brokeback Mountain.

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Mmmm… man on man. Yummy.

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