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Which post offices are open (and send mail) LATEST in the evening in san francisco?

Asked by zina (1643points) December 1st, 2006
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go to and type in your zipcode... usually the airport has an air-mail facility open really late... the one here is open until 11:30pm... and they'll actually stamp letters until 11:30pm for that day..
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but for SF, you should check the postal service website and you'll find all the specifics for your area there.... you can widen your search radius if necessary..
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Maybe too late but, there is one at SFO that stays open really late (like midnight, I think stamps that late too). Also there is one in Oakland that stays open late. www.USPS is a good try. If you go to the one at the airport, leave a bit early for getting lost. It is actually before the airport where all the overflow parking lots are. Good luck!

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