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What are the best cities to live in the States for singles over 30, music & culture, not harsh winters, and affordability?

Asked by looloo (2points) April 30th, 2009
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I googled “best cities for singles” and a whole lot came up… that might be a good place to start.
Denver and San Francisco are usually on the lists I’ve read for singles.

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San Francisco is popular, as is NYC – but neither is “affordable” in the best sense.

Chicago is amazing for music and culture, but the winter is pretty rough.

Philadelphia has a great music and culture scene, and the winter is more or less the same as NYC.

Boston is great, but again, a tad pricey.

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oh… I must have missed “affordability.” Yeah. Not San Francisco.

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@Likeradar haha.

One more to add, though I don’t know of it’s cost of living: Portland, OR. PDX has an amazing music and culture scene.

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Lexington, Ky would be a good place to look. They have everything from horse races, horse parks night clubs, museums, bars, baseball team, the University of Ky and a pretty good basketball team. There is a wide range of prices on apartments and houses, so it should be affordable to most income levels.

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I live in Portland and the cost of living isn’t bad. It wouldn’t be hard to find a one bedroom apartment for 600$ per month. The winter kinda sucks (it is 9 months long). But it isn’t that cold and it is only rain. We have the music and culture thing taken care of.

Right now it is 66 degrees and sunny. Snow is abnormal.

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Viiiiivaaaaaaaa Las Vegas!

It’s good here :)

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Victoria sounds like that – except it’s in Canada :p

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Seattle and Austin would be high on my list.

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new orleans
atlanta, ga
austin, tx
santa fe, nm
tucson, az

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@tabbycat I think Seattle might be out of the “affordable” category unless you chose the ‘burbs.
I live in Portland (@johnpowell kind of dissed the winter, it’s not really 9 months long!). The overcast/lack of sun can get to people. Average temps are moderate summer and winter—rarely too hot, rarely too cold.
I just heard someone say that Costa Mesa in Orange County is quite affordable these days and you would have proximity to LA nighlife, music, culture, nice weather (despite the smog), etc.

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Thanks everyone for writing, all good answers. (By the way I changed my username).
I visited Portland once, it was great from what I could tell on a short stay. I’d like to go back. Austin was great, but man was that place burnt up with the heat. Went there early october and everything was brown. Going to Nashville in a couple of weeks, love all sorts of music, except country. hmmmm..we’ll see

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@looloo If you don’t like country music, then Nashville may not be the place for you.

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