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Have you ever experienced lucid dreaming?

Asked by Strauss (20580points) April 30th, 2009

In most dreams, we are not aware that we are dreaming, we experience the dream as reality very weird reality. Lucid dreaming happens when you are aware you are dreaming, and continue to dream, directing the flow of the dream.

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@jess, sorry I didn’t see your post!

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Really frequently actually. I think it’s kind of my standard mode of dreaming…though I don’t know why. I never attempted to make that happen.

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All the time. Especially when I’m napping.

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@adreamofautumn I’m the same way, most of my dreams are lucid though I cannot explain the reasons as to why. I’m typically fully aware and able to make decisions throughout the duration of the experience. Sometimes it’s interesting, while at other times its insanely surreal, and I wake up wondering if what I dreamed about could have occurred. It knocks my perceptions off kilter for a bit…

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I personally refer to lucid dreaming by it’s real name. Reality.

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Pretty much every time I fall asleep.

Sometimes, I make…pretty boys…do stuff.
Other times I go flying through a Candy Land. Where it rains skittles and I have a terrier made of licorice.

The end.

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I did quite a bit in high school, but since then I’ve started getting less sleep and tend to sleep more deeply so I don’t achieve it as often.

I never did quite master it though since I never really fully understood the possibilities. I got very good at “rewinding” a specific part of my dream and playing it over with slightly different reactions.

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I’ve never done it, but my boyfriend did the other night. He called and told me all about it. He said I was there and the dream wasn’t going so well at first until suddenly he realized he was dreaming. He grabbed my hand and said, “I’m dreaming, wanna fly with me?” and I said yes. So, he created a plane and we started flying around the world. Then I saw an island I liked and asked him to land, so he landed… on the water. We got off the plane and started cooking dinner on the island and ate. That’s when he said he realized he had to go pee, so he woke himself up. He said it was very realistic and he remembered almost every detail.

On a different note, I have experienced astral travel. In that “dream” I met with a guy that I dated years ago and we broke up on really bad terms and never spoke again I did have his email though. In the “dream” we hugged and made amends and it was as if everything was ok. The next day I emailed him because I felt like it was astral travel but I wanted to confirm. He had the same exact dream on the same night.

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that sounds very therapeutic
I used to have some amazing types of lucid dreams and the difference that I always remembered was a brilliant clarity like comparing a black and white TV to an LCD.

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It’s happened to me a few times. Normally I wake up very soon after I realize within the dream that I am dreaming.

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I’ve never had any lucid dreams that I can remember but it sounds like a lot of fun. Could someone teach me how to do it or could I take classes on it somewhere?

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Open invitation for all young ladies to learn lucid dreaming…just take off your clothes and get in the bed…OH!
Eat your heart out Dice..

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Happens to me quite a bit. About a third of my dreams are lucid. Woot!

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@Bluefreedom It’s really easy – think about something exclusively as you are falling asleep, and establish in your mind what reality is, and make that the reality…(make sure you let it go later, lol) then when you fall asleep…

Note: it doesn’t work well unless you get more than 5–6 hrs.

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About three nights out of seven I’ll have one. They’re very fun.

Sometimes in the middle of a dream I’ll ask myself if I’m dreaming, and conclude that I’m not. Then I wake up and realize that I was. And once or twice I’ve suspected that I was dreaming when I was actually awake.

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@Truefire. Thanks for the information. I’ll give it a shot. =)

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It’s happened to me rarely, but I did write an article about one experience that was published in a zine.

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Several, if not half, of my dreams are lucid. Most of the time I choose not to manipulate them. Not always though :)

But I also have several dreams a night and remember quite a few of them.
I am a very light sleeper and have always had sleep “issues”.
I guess this is a sleep “benefit”. :)

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Does it count as a lucid dream if you know you are dreaming, but can’t control the action? If so, this happens to me fairly regularly… often when I am very sick or utterly exhausted. Those dreams are incredibly vivid, and quite bizarre most of the time. I’ll even briefly wake up and go back to sleep just to pursue the dream. I’ve never actually made any attempt to direct the dream, though. So, who knows? Maybe I could do it if I tried…

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Almost every night. It starts out not, then turns into a lucid dream.

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@augustlan Yes it does count. Lucid dreaming simply means you are aware you are dreaming.

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@RedPowerLady Cool. Thanks for the info!

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@Bluefreedom, @augustlan If you suspect that you are experiencing a lucid dream, but are unable to control your actions, it is said that you should try to look at your hands in the dream. That is an exercise in control and visualization. Once you can succeed in this visualization, your ability to visualize and control should increase with practice.

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After you posted this I had crazy lucid dreams!

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@aviona care to share?

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I woke up in my dream, it took me a few moments to figure out what was going on but a few of the people around me just stopped and looked at me at once I started trying to talk and ask what was going on. I felt really insecure like I was the narrator suddenly being thrown into the book he was reading. Only way I proved to myself I was still asleep was by trying to pinch myself and being numb to the feeling. I got scared from it.

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Theyre my fav! They say thats your ticket to astral travel. But im always so distracted by things as well…. Hehe

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@Shin00bi Next time try to look at your hands, and realize you are only dreaming.

@Clair That is what I’ve heard too.

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@Yetanotheruser I did look at my hands, right after I pinched and tried feeling for the door handle and couldn’t open it. I freaked out because if I was “awake” how do I wake up. I stopped panicing and decided to fall asleep in the car not soon after it.

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