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Why won't my laptop recognize my Nikon D40x?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8255points) April 30th, 2009

I have my Nikon D40x connected to my computer with a camera cord in the USB port. For some reason, it will not show up in my finder window under the Devices, however. The camera is on, the battery is charged. I know it isn’t the camera or the cord because I tested it in my roommate’s laptop and it worked. I also tested my external hard drive in my port, and it was able to mount. Is there any way I can make my computer find this device so that I can retrieve photos? Another thing to note: when I turn off the camera or disconnect the cord, the computer still realizes that I am removing a device. I just can’t make it show up!

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Are you shooting in RAW?

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your system might not support it.check on the pox or parcel that it cam in and see if your sytem supports the driver.if you dont have a driver for it then look and like and serch for D40x driver for so n so.

hope this helps if now then e-mail me at

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@boots: Negative. I’m shooting JPEG fine, and sometimes JPG normal.

@fluthermaster12103: My system should, and I have opened it on this computer before with no issues.

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oh and i also had the same problem with my cam so try whats above and see if that is the problem

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try and see is you saved them to another file or the firewall isent alowing you to show them this could work or not but try it i will look on line to see if i can find any info on this subject

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If it matters, the same thing is true of my SD card reader; it lights up, but won’t appear in my finder window, and, when removed, I get a ‘device removal’ message.

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it might be some where in another file and not the inder window ya i know it does not make a bit of since what i just said lol but see if you can find it in another file

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Check online for a driver.

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I have the same problem with my Nikon D40x. I think its the usb port of the actual camera! I use to have to hold it in and now it wont work at all.

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I had that problem with my D40X too (I use an Apple computer). I went through the menu on the camera to change the USB setting and that took care of the problem.

On the camera:
-menu button
-wrench symbol
-I switched from MTP/PTP to Mass Storage, then the Nikon D40X icon started showing up on my computer screen again.

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