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When you think of Pixar, which 2 to 5 words come to your mind?

Asked by pennetch (1points) April 30th, 2009

It is an associative network, so your words may be names, brands, feelings, adjectives, memories… Tell me what pops up immediately. Thanks a lot.

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Cute angle poise lamp.

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Monsters, Inc.

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And miasmom’s answer.

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adorable movies magic

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animated genius with a lamp.

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Toy Story, Nemo, Disney

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Same as LightlySeared!!

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More money than God.

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Luxo, Steve Jobs, Nitrome.

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amazingly talented quality movie makers.

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I love Toy Story!

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Finding Nemo. Some of the effects, such as the chorus of seagulls, are absolutely brilliant.

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Innovative,Crazy, Cool, Fun!

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Rich old white Jewish men

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@SeventhSense no, Pixar, not Hollywood

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Computer generated eye candy.

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Total geniuses

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freaking mind-blowingly awesome cuteness.

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In’t it Geffen, Spielberg

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@SeventhSense That’s Dreamworks. Dreamworks != Pixar.

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you know Dubai’s gonna have a ship!
-the wall-e theory, jsmooth

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In that case, a house with baloons tied to it.

that movie looks great.

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Brad Bird’s “Edna” voice. Genius!

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“Does not suck.”

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the cute little lamp dude

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Well technically there is this And I swear I know this guy from my neighborhood, he’s like 150 years old and he walks everywhere.

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Brilliant geniuses at work.

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Awesome, groundbreaking, innovators, high quality, and “I hope Disney won’t fuck them over”.

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