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What do you guys think about internet radio stations? In particular

Asked by evolmiss (7points) April 30th, 2009

I am working on a project and I need to know what the customers think about it..

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I say great! Love ‘em, use ‘em. It’s a cool way to find out about new artists that you have tastes for. Handy.

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I used to love pandora… but since i came to work in Mexico i can’t listen anymore. It sucks that you can only listen to these things in the US. I was a HUGE fan and would listen all day every day…

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Meemix is available to non-U.S. users IIRC. However, I find Pandora superior in ease-of-use and breadth of music available.

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I like Pandora because it actually discovers what you like instead of just claiming so

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Pandora is pretty awesome, its especially handy at work. I work at a sub shop on campus and we just leave pandora on while we’re working, its nice not having to worry about a radio station and all the commercials, and it plays good music related to what we like.

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i really love it, but if you start listening to the same “channel” everyday, songs start to repeat.

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I like internet radio not Pandora though at least not anymore

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Indie 103.1 is a great internet radio station; there is even an iPhone app. It used to be a radio station in L.A., but now they are exclusively online.

I like Pandora, as well.

I rarely even listen to the radio anymore.

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I like Pandora better than, but I like too.

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Haven’t tried Pandora. Love (listening to it right now)

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I go to Pandora for the “radio”, I go to for the community. Fortunately, there’s a mashup that allows you to scrobble tracks you’ve listened to on Pandora (Pandora.FM).

@helloimcat a simple remedy for that is starting a new station (obviously), adding new artist or song seeds to an existing station (have fun, play around with it!), and marking songs that you’ve thumbed up but are getting tired of hearing repeated: ‘do not play for one month’.

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@hiphiphopflipflapflop – Internet radio mashup, eh? Kinky! I’ll have to try it.

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