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Has your face ever been rocked? Have you ever rocked somebody's face? Is 1,000,000 faces a dubious claim?

Asked by phoenyx (7377points) April 30th, 2009
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Bon Jovi????


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I would love to know what you’re talking about… :)

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Well i did get my shoestrings caught in my bike chain. That caused me to do a faceplant in some loose gravel. I was digging rocks out of my face for a week.

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Yes, that is a very credible claim. Think about it. Bon Jovi is pure bad ass. They have put on so many shows, and so many people have go to those shows, they have rocked their faces off. I would have gone to a Bon Jovi show… and had my face rocked off… I’d say its worth it to have a rocked off face by Bon Jovi…

Wow. That went from a structured statement to total improv in 2.5 seconds…

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I suspect someone’s been watching “Dealiest Catch” on cable.

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Bon Jovi references- cool!

I did a face plant once. Nasty little wipeout. I did however learn the value of putting my hands out to break my fall the next time.

What the heck are we talking about ? Seriously?

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Wait! I get it!

No it is not a dubious claim at all. I am certain the number is in fact far greater. In fact- if each time a face is rocked counts mine has been personally rocked by both the long and short haired version.

Insomnia is a keyword- Get some sleep now!

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They’ve been performing for 25 years, a world tour every time they release an album, 20,000 people in a stadium…........yep, they probably have “rocked them all”.

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I’ve been rocked like a hurricane. Does that count?

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What I want to know is how did Bon Jovi of all people manage to emerge from the 80’s image of big hair bands and manage to keep up his momentum as a rock star? It could’ve just as easily been Poison if not for a small twist of fate here and there.

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I miss wildflower

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Me, too. She would have loved this.

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Not if you’re the manliest man amongst men and run the best page in the universe . Then you’ll have rocked well over 232 million faces, but whatevs.

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This is really 3 questions, so here goes:
1. Yes it has (5 times, including at this gig)
2. No idea
3. No it is not: One hundred and twenty million albums and 2500 concerts in over 50 countries later, Bon Jovi is enjoying the greatest popularity in their history.

missed you lot too :)

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I’ve been thinking about the “I’ve seen 1 million faces and rocked them all” claim. He was making that claim in 1986. In 1986, he’d only had two albums out “Bon Jovi” and “7800° Fahrenheit.” Had he performed in front of 1 million people by 1986? Doubtful.


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Maybe it was a self-fulfilling prophesy – pretty smart one too, if you ask me!
Although, he didn’t say he’d performed in front of a million faces – just that he’d seen them – and I know I’d be ‘rocked’ if I saw his face anywhere (on a stage, on the street, in my house….)

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…in my bed

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