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What different films can you think of in which inanimate objects come to life?

Asked by Kingkamandi (149points) April 30th, 2009

Not counting animated films, I’ve already got “Night at the Museum, The Mummy 3, The Golem, and Baron Munchausen.

I’m looking for films in which statues come to life and have a mind of their own.

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“The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe”
“Lord of the Rings”

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Cars the movie.

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Mannequin—a classic 80’s movie.

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Never Ending Story

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@tinyfaery Loved that movie.

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Herbie the Love Bug

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Batteries Not Included

Harry Potter movies

The Golden Compass

Mary Poppins

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

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-Any disney animated film

@tinyfaery Mannequin was 80’s but not a clasic

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Wow, he should have ruled out animated films. oh, he did
Poltergeist. It was a regular routine of the old Ernie Kovaks show. Clash of the Titans

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Magic, with a much younger Anthony Hopkins.

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OH! Trilogy of Terror with Karen Black was great!

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@filmfann Yeah, I answered the question without noticing he had ruled out animated films also. Note to self, read entire question.

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Oh ok “non animated”. Gotta read the details
Maximum Overdrive was a classic example of a film that does this.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic : Dude! I totally didn’t read that either.

In that case, all that comes to mind is the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Freddy was all the time making stuff come alive and kill people! Like the one guy’s bike in A New Nightmare, and Kristen’s dinner in Dream Warriors…

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@ubersiren I’ve been thinking about this too and Bruce Campbell films tend to have this theme as well.

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Toy Story
Child’s Play
The Brave Little Toaster
Beauty and the Beast
Monster House
The Red Balloon

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How about The Wizzard of Oz…..

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science of sleep !!!!
what an incredible movie too besides that. it’s not exactly the main focus as it was in movies like night at the museum, but it definitely has a lot of it going on.

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The Odyssey

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The TV version of The Shining. (remember the topiary garden?)

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Time Bandits.

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All of the Chucky movies.
Lars and the Real Girl.
The Mangler.
Event Horizon.
The Puppetmaster.
The Terminator.

And I know it is animated but it is just so well done, Lasseter’s (Pixar) short involving the desk lamp (that has now morphed into Pixar’s title sequence).

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@Darwin : Lars and the Real Girl?

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Duel – Speilberg’s early film about the 18-wheeler that chases down the businessman in the car. While it is possible that there is a driver, you never see one, and the truck itself becomes the implacable nemesis.

Lars and the Real Girl – “A delusional young man strikes up an unconventional relationship with a life-sized doll named Bianca that he finds on the Internet.” Basically, this guy falls in love with an inflatable doll which responds in kind.

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@Darwin- I am familiar with Duel, having seen it when it first aired. I was questioning that you felt it was an “inanimate object coming to life” film.

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I believe that it is because the truck itself is presented as the enemy. The driver is never part of the film although there may be one. The titular duel is between the man in the car and the malevolent truck.

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who you gonna call…...


plus Jason and the Argonauts and probably every other movie Ray Harryhausen was involved with.

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Renior’s Beauty and the Beast is beautiful, live action, and very magical.

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@Darwin I’ve seen the movie but I wouldn’t have said she came to life… the delusional young man believes she’s real, but I wouldn’t say she becomes animated. But I see what you’re saying there…

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@AstroChuck I’ve never met anyone else who had even heard of The Brave Little Toaster! Lurve to you!

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@sdeutsch – Not only have I heard of The Brave Little Toaster, I am a victim of it and its sequels (The BLT to the Rescue and The BLT Goes to Mars). My children absolutely adored those videos during the stage of development where they wanted to watch them again, and again, and again and….Aaaauuuggghhhhh!

I finally hid all three films and pretended that they had run away, just to get my kids to watch something, anything else.

Oddly enough, it was based on a book by Thomas M. Disch.

I hadn’t brought it up simply because the original question said “not counting animated films.”

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@Darwin Wow – I haven’t seen the sequels, but my little sister watched the first one over and over and over too – I can still recite whole chunks of the movie verbatim, almost 20 years later…

I had no idea it was based on a book – maybe I’ll buy it for my sister’s birthday (she’s turning 23 – she’d get a kick out of it!)

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@sdeutsch – What makes it even more interesting is that Disch was a well-regarded and acclaimed science fiction writer who happened to write four children’s books and poetry in addition to his science fiction works.

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@uberbatman lurve for Small Soldiers.

James and the Giant Peach, Beetlejuice and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

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The Brave Little Toaster was the first one to come to my mind.

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Indian in the cupboard!

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@NathanESP good call! welcome to fluther! Lurve.

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