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Do you make it a point to feed people well when they come to visit?

Asked by FGS (1932points) April 30th, 2009

I never want anyone to come away from my home thinking I fed them “ghetto food”. I tend pull out all of the stops when I have people over.

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Yes, definitley! I have some crazy need to prove I am a good cook (and I’m really not), and I was raised by a Jewish motha. Nuff said.

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That’s the time I will go to restaurants and try to cook a few homemade goodies :D

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I at least offer them a beverage. It’s just polite.

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I’m with @kate1746, above. A beverage first, always. Unless the subject of dinner was planned on previously, I don’t usually anticipate making food for guests except for maybe snacks or Hors d’Ouvres.

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If I have invited them to my home I most assuredly want them to be fed well. It is polite, for one thing, but it is also a chance to do a good thing for my friends (and show off my cooking skills).

If they simply drop by uninvited, then I always offer them something to drink, and may ask them to join us if we were just about to sit down to a meal.

And I don’t worry about whether my food is “ghetto” or not. It will always be something that the people in my house like to eat, something I can afford to serve, and something that is healthy, nutritious, and tasty.

No one has to know for sure that I am serving government cheese. As long as it tastes good and looks equally good, what’s the problem?

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If I invite them over specifically for lunch or dinner or something then obviously. If I invite them over to hang out when they arrive I ask if they’d like anything to eat or drink then maybe ramble off some stuff I have or can fix up. If they just show up I usually do the same thing as the second scenario.

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Yes! I am almost obsessive compulsive about it. Out-of-town visitors will find my fridge stocked with their favorite foods, the best local ingredients available, I get the cereal they normally eat for breakfast, have the mixers for their favorite alcoholic beverages on hand, and when they arrive, there’s always something freshly baked if not, a whole assortment of cupcakes.

I plan for days for these kinds of things because hosting dinner parties and feeding people is one of my favorite things to do – and it inspires a lot of creativity and new recipe attempts for me!

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Oh ya. It is pretty much a cultural requirement to have food ready and available. It is also good manners. And I have issues personally with people not having enough food.

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It depends on the person and the invitation. If she’s worked hard, lost half her body weight and proudly talks of her success, food will not be front and center in the house. I’ll offer drinks (low cal) and some small veggies. The purpose of the visit is to socialize and catch up on things. We might even talk about it while walking. In this case, I think it is rude to have the Dove chocolates out on the table. (I can pig out after she’s gone.)
If you’re over for dinner and socializing then you’ll be stuffed when you leave.

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Invited or Un, GUESTs will have access to anything I’m my house! I usually offer them things multiple times throughout their stay. For me it’s a way to show them that I love them!
I think I’m a Jewish grandmother trapped in a male Pakistani boy. “Oy GEVALT”

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Ah, ‘Ello! You’ll have had your tea?

No, I’m not like that. I always offer something to eat or drink.

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I’m like @figbash , stocking up in advance on the best foods I can offer. My dad and his wife will be visiting us for a week next month, and I’m already thinking about what kinds of dinners we’ll have, what I’ll keep on hand for lunches and snacks, which restaurant to take them to, and whether or not they’ll like my coffee (which is too bad for them if they don’t, because one thing I won’t change is my coffee!).

I can’t wait to take them to the farmer’s market!

We routinely have artists stay with us for days at a time when my husband is teaching a class or filming a new DVD. I love to cook for people and, I’ll admit it, show off a bit! I’m not good at any aspect of “homemaking” other than cooking and baking, so I have to play that skill up in hopes it will distract our guests from the layers of dust under the furniture or the piles of laundry half hidden in dark corners of unused rooms.

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I’m like @figbash and @MissAusten . When we are have a houseful, planned or spontaneous, we always make sure everybody is well fed and beverages are available. On a day-to-day basis, I do most of the cooking, but wifey likes to cook for the holidays and other special occasions. She used to be in the catering business, so we have all kinds of chafing dishes, etc, and the tables are so full that there is no question that it is served buffet style.

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It’s a big thing in Germany.

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Always it’s a southern tradition

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Yes,actually it depends!!if they come on lunch,breakfast or dinner time then I will definitely ask them to take food and if someone comes in odd timing then ask for some tea and snacks.

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Yes! i’m Italian, so maybe this explains why i feel a great way to show love is through food… and also, my boyfriend is a chef so we are just always cooking and eating. Food with friends is a beautiful thing in my home :)

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