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What is the weirdest or worst first date you've been on?

Asked by jessicar (225points) May 1st, 2009
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a friend of mine set up a a blind date with one of her friends and I gave her a hand with one of my friends, so it was a double date, and every little thing that can go wrong when you are 17, went wrong and I missed my chance, big time!

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I went on a blind date a few years ago with a guy who’d picked out my profile at a coffee bar. The coffee bar had a dating service where the only requirement was that the date would have to start at the bar.

The guy was really nebbishy, which I don’t have a problem with if he has some there there. He did not. He said no more than 2 syllables to any question I asked him and didn’t ask me about myself at all. He simply wouldn’t engage or open up.

At the end of the evening (which I cut short), he wouldn’t take my card, but pulled me into a stiff embrace and tried to kiss me at the top of the subway stairs as we were parting. Fuck the what, now? I dodged his lips, wrenched myself free of his grip and said, “No. I don’t think we’ll have any of that. Good night.” And I left him standing there. :P

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I met a guy online once, and it seemed like we clicked. We were both graduate students at the same university, so we went for coffee.

He spent about an hour telling me how horrible his department was, how horrible it was to be a student, how he couldn’t wait to get to New York for his PhD, how everyone in Amherst was stupid, how people were shallow and superficial, and so superficial that he had to lie about his age and say that he was 22 instead of 24 so guys would take an interest in him, and even then, they were so superficial that when he didn’t put out on the first date they wouldn’t call him again.

After an hour of listening to him rant, I made up something I had to do immediately and excused myself.

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A few weeks into my first semester of college, when I was hanging out with a couple of people from the art department, this cute girl showed up who was really shy. I didn’t talk to her much, at first, but when we went back to one of the dorm rooms to watch Blow, I sat next to her on a bean bag and she didn’t seem to mind at all, so, after a tiny bit of flirting, when everyone was going back to their rooms to go to sleep (It was about two in the morning on a weeknight), I just kind of followed her back to hers and made it pretty clear that I wasn’t going to leave. We sat on her bed and watched infomercials and cartoons all night, and at about 10 am we exchanged a few passionate kisses and then I had to go to class. After that we dated for about 6 months.

That was the first and last time I went about getting a first date quite like that, but sometimes you just gotto do what you gotto do.

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there was this internet friend I had been chatting with for quite a long time. We seemed to be getting along quite fine, and had a lot of things in common. When she discovered I broke up with my girlfriend, she made her move and wanted to meet. I thought “why not?” and arranged for her to join me and some friends for this 5-day holiday we had been organising. Even if we didn’t hit it off, there’d be other people to hang out with so it wouldn’t be all that awkward.

Our first meeting was a disaster (I went to pick her up from the airport). She was so negative and kept complaining about everything, she made no effort at all to be nice. She was nothing like what she’d described in her letters, and by the end of the day she had started getting on everybody’s nerves. She got so annoying that by the end of the third day we offered to pay for her to take an earlier flight back home (since she made it pretty obvious that she hated everyone in our group, as well as everywhere we went and everything we did). She always disagreed with any suggestions for activities, but offered no alternative either. She didn’t like to go out, ate only chicken (which limited our choice of restaurants), didn’t like places with music, alcohol, other people or chairs for that matter, and ended up spending the whole time in the hotel complaining that she got bored.

Anyway, we got rid of her and at least had some good time on our own after she left. Forget about dating her, I’d have a problem living in the same continent (and she’s the main reason I avoid Romania on my trips, I’m afraid I might bump into her or something).

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