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Can't you JUST ask a question?

Asked by ideabrian (404points) December 13th, 2007

Have you ever heard an annoyed parent ask, “Why are you answering my question with a question?”

Each person who responds should respond with a question.

I bet we can’t do it!

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E.g. Does the question need to be related?

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(E.g. 2) Do we consider an in-law related?

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Why do you think that this technique is so difficult? Do you know that therapists and such do it all the time? What made you think of this question? Don’t you see the trick of turning a statement into a question? Did you know that you can ask someone almost anything by starting w. “Do you mind if I ask you something personal?”?

Do you wonder why I am sitting here at 3:25 AM? Will I be groggy in the morning? Can someone stop me, please? Did I see any meteors? Is the sky overcast? (My one rhetorical question.)

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Is it the technique or crafting a question that others can appreciate that is so difficult?

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Did you think that I found the technique difficult? Don’t you appreciate my questions? :)

Why are YOU up at this hour?

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Gailcalled, do you need someone to appreciate your question?

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Am I going to fall off my chair and go to bed or continue this fascinating exercise? Would you like to guess?

Was I aware before this of the nightowls on fluther? What’s a group of owls called? A gaggle?

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@gailcalled: Were you aware before this?

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would you rather go to bed or match your intellectual challenge with someone of your sort?

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How do you define “someone of my sort?”

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Can’t do what?

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Do you know that what’s on second? Do you know that I am repeating myself? Do you know how lucky you are to be in LA and not here, where I am preparing for 6”-10” snow on top of the ice already on the ground?

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Do you know that the last message was for you, sndfreq?

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@gail-have you thought warm thoughts today? :) We’re wimps out in L.A., where my friends are freaking out that it’s only going to get up to 65 degrees today…are you having a gg gg ggooodd dd dd ddaay?

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So, gail, you can’t write? I just have to sit here in the dark by myself? What am I, chopped liver? So, are you gonna spend all night just staring at that stupid box and just typing? Are you listening to me? Huh?

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@ gail, isn’t a group of owls called a parliament?

Did I know that, or did I have to Google it?

Who knows?

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Isn’t this a party game?

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Didn’t I see it on “What’s My Line”?

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Isn’t it called “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

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@Poser: do you know how happy I am to learn about the parliament of owls? Do you know that only the Shadow knows? Are you old enough to get that reference?

@Hoss, so whadda YOU know from chopped liver? And aren’t you the peach cobbler maven, anyway? So, do you consider Travis to be more interesting than Marcus A?
Is this a good time to stop? Do we all remember that Aristotle and Molière thought that things were funny if repeated only three times?

Is anyone else staring at 12” of snow and ice?

@sndfrq: Do you care that the wind chill factor is making the temp. here about 11˚?

Is any kind soul sending me cocoa w. rum by Fed Ex or dog sled?

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Who can make this question relevant?
What was the point of the question?
Where are we going with this?
Why is this question so intriguing?
When did gailcalled actually go to sleep?
How did ideabrain come up with that question?

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Why are we so compelled to ask more than one question at a time? Will we lose the chance for another?

How many times do you have to square pi before you get a number perfectly divisible by 2?

Should I get a Ph.D.?

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Can everyone hear me crying “Uncle?”

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Can you ask this of an owl?
Can she answer with a growl?
Questions, questions, aren’t they grand?
Won’t you give this one a hand?

Can you ask one with a quip?
Can you ask one that’s not flip?
Can I ask one here or there?
Wait, can’t I ask one anywhere?

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Has ideabrain hacked this system and sent fluther into an endless loop?

Or are we going crazy or just having too much fun with this question?

Isn’t it refreshing to see fellow flutherites’ silly side?

Are you all having a good holiday season so far?

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How many questions does it take before we can channel Dr. Seuss?

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@idea brian: you noticed? 8 )

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