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Why do doctors leave the room when you change? They're going to see you naked anyway.

Asked by purplelow (25points) May 1st, 2009

isn’t crazy i mean they see you anyways

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Unless you’re going to a dermatologist for a full skin check, it’s likely they will only see a portion of you. And some people are modest, they might have scars or birthmarks that whether or not are known to the doctor, they’d like to keep covered.

If you just hang out naked during all of your appointments, you need a better doctor.

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To make you feel more comfortable, give you privacy, be polite as you strip off your clothes.

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Probably to see other patients. They are busy.

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It’s just respect. Like at the gyn., it’s already humiliating enough, so they just want you to be as comfortable as possible. Plus, who wants somebody they hardly know watching them change. It would be awkward for the patient as well as the doctor.

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To spare you the sight of their seeing you. Same reason the gynecologist uses a “drape.” It’s for the illusion of privacy and dignity it gives you, which is at odds with the reality but no doubt meant to be comforting anyway. Besides, they don’t have time to stand around watching you strip and fold your clothes neatly.

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I would be very creeped out if my doctor wanted to stay in the room to see me disrobe.
They do it for privacy reasons. And I know my doctor usually stands at the door reading my chart, I’ve heard them mumbling things off my chart to themselves lol

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Let’s be honest; sometimes when we are undressing we are in unflattering positions. Bending over there is belly fat to be seen, bare bottoms in the air. No need to make it more humiliating than it already is! Plus, the doctors probably don’t want to see all of that, either.

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So you don’t feel like a stripper something that would make many people uncomfortable.

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awesome.. Shilolo is up in this mofo.

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For all of the reasons listed above. The act of getting undressed and dressed is personal and private, whereas the physical examination is meant to be purely objective and without any sexual connotation. Further, when you examine someone, you do it in an essentially predetermined sequence that permits you to cover various areas until necessary. In contrast, when people undress, they can be completely naked before donning their gown, which is unnecessary to the exam. Seeing someone in front of you standing or lying completely naked is entirely different than examining specific areas while the rest is covered. It makes it seem really like you are examining a body part rather than an entire naked body.

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