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PARENTS: what happens when your kids take charge?

Asked by astrojams1 (149points) May 1st, 2009

maybe your kids have all the computer know-how or a passion for recycling. tell me a bit about the dynamic that arises when your child takes charge.

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I see it as a preview to a time when I can kick back and let her run the show. ;^)

My daughter (6) is very take charge by nature. She always wants to do everything herself and can handle most things after being shown only once. She hates to be left out of projects and will voluntarily help with chores around the house.

The other day I dropped a basket of clean clothes in the living room and went upstairs to change. I come back down – she’s folding them and says to me, “you gonna get these or what?”

And that’s the downside, she has to have things just so and do things her way.

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My two year old grandson insists on taking his used diapers out to the garage trash can, which I started because I didn’t like the smelly bathroom. I roll them up and he carries them, while we walk out there. My son was amazed the first time he did it at this house.

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When I first started working in property management I was a resident manager and had to do a manual spreadsheet (they called it a supplemental) that detailed all rent owed paid miscellaneous charges, previous balances and basically every penny taken in and owed and why. I understood it, but I have always been a touch dyslexic and had a heck of a time getting the thing to balance with the deposits. When my daughter was in 6th grade I started letting her do it for me. She was a WHIZ! It was so easy (and fun) for her. I let her take charge of balancing that thing every since. She was sad when I got promoted and didn’t have to do it anymore.

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there’s water and food and poop everywhere

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The cans get all out of order, but who’s complaining?

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My oldest reorganized the pantry. When my wife put away groceries, the child started yelling that SOMEONE had put potatoes on the breakfast shelf! I told her that her mom wanted hash browns for breakfast, and she calmed down.

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Holy mother of twinkies. Anarchy. Pure anarchy. They won’t throw away their trash, beds won’t be made and I feel very certain that bribery would happen so that they can get McDonalds. Chaos!

Everyone would survive, though.

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@cak: Lurve for “Holy Mother of Twinkies”. LOLFR

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@cprevite thank you! :)

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Well, when my son takes charge I let him. He’s 29.

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