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Im having trouble with windows startup. something's wrong...

Asked by manuel_alarcon (299points) May 1st, 2009

yesterday it was asking to boot because an update was installed. so i boot, and then the problem started: when the desktop was about finish loading, something failed and flashed a bsod, then booted again, and again. my solution was to boot windows with the last known settings that worked; i cant find the problem, i also changed the problem boot settings, to be able to read what the bsod said. It says the usual, and the problem is:
STOP: 0×0000008E (0×00000005, 0xBAA688D3,0xBACEB968,0×00000000)

00000EF6 – adress BAA688D3 BASE AT BAA68000, DATESTAMP 49c97a84

i dont know how to interprete those memory adresses, how can i associate them with some program or file? sure is a probem with the startup.. cant figure it out by myself.
btw, i have winXP pro sp3

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the only thing I can think of is to roll back to sp2. I am not sure exactly what’s wrong with your system either (probably sp3 is expecting your hardware to do something it can’t handle, such as load too many drivers or something). It’s possible that you have a faulty (eg burnt) RAM, or simply not enough. In fact, there are a lot of possibilities. But the best thing in order to have a working system is to roll back to sp2 (which is what I use and is pretty stable).

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yes, but its the fisrt time the system fails, i updated to sp3 i think,... for some time now, i believe that there was a driver update or something that day that changed the startup that conflicts with the startup… is it necessary to have the restore service thing? i think i disabled it for speeding up the system…

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I would start by going to add/remove programs in control panel and uninstall sp3. (if its really in stalled) It will take you back to sp2. I have seen this happen on a number of pcs.Thanks Microsoft.

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thanks! yes, It is installed. But by a odd thing (luck, surely), the uninstaller goes and checks everything, makes a great round and at the end, when it comes to finally uninstall the sp3, it says “cant find the files”. so i cant uninstall the bastard.
I know the problem is in something after the desktop loads; maybe a windows service that conflicts with other… i dont know.

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Ok, then see if you can download and install sp2 ( I keep a copy of it on a flash drive and cd just for this sort of thing) Hopefully it will replace sp3. You should be able to get it from MS’s site.

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