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What song would request if you were a chaperone?

Asked by zephyr826 (5600points) May 1st, 2009

This weekend is the prom at the High School where I teach. I have been asked to chaperone again (supposedly, it’s a complement, but I’m not sure). The music is always atrocious, and most of it I’ve never heard before. Thus, I ask the collective to request a song for prom, something common enough that the DJ would have it, and good for dancing.

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Uhh that. Yeah, that. ;)

I might then slow dance with myself, just to mess with the kids.

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No offense, but the prom isn’t for you to enjoy. You are working as a chaperone, not attending as a guest. I’m sure whatever music the DJ plays is exactly what high school seniors want to hear.

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@elijah , none taken. I don’t want to replace the kids’ music (though a few years ago the DJ played the un-edited version of Buck Cherry’s “Crazy Bitch”- a little rough for a school-sponsored event). My issue is that the dance goes til’ 11:30, and all but 20 kids are gone by 9:15. I want to expand the musical horizons of the couple dozen that are there.

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Wow, proms get ditched by 9:15 now? That’s nuts. They must be in a hurry to get to the after parties!

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@elijah My friends and I used to only go for pictures then leave. The pictures were proof to our parents that we were there.

@zephyr826 Is there an era or genera of music you are particularly interested in?

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Prom sucks. I am so not looking forward to going to my girlfriends in a couple weeks. Hooray crap music.

Something new that aint too shabby

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@uberbatman: Stop plugging that video everywhere! You’re like a little fan girl! ;)

…Okay, I love that song. Plug away.

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@asmonet thats how i get about my music. I get really really into it and obsess over it, and then i wont listen to the song again for years at a time lol.

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