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What's a great DS game I can get for my mom?

Asked by andrew (16375points) May 1st, 2009

My mom just had surgery, and I know she loves her DS crossword and anagram game.

I’m looking for a simple, really fun puzzle/word cart for her.

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Picross is a fun puzzle game.

(Also, a link to the wikipedia article)

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I dont know if she likes cooking but theres a game about cooking on ds.

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Rhythm Heaven is pretty popular.
I like Brain Age.

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The NY Times Crossword for DS is terrific. She can choose between easy, hard, and extremely difficult (depends on the day of the week). I second Picross. If she likes mysteries, she’d probably enjoy Professor Layton and the Curious Village (it’s amazing, but the puzzles can be pretty challenging). Some people swear by Touchmaster, but I found it pretty unimpressive, though it does have a Wheel of Fortune-esque game. If she likes Mahjong, there are DS versions. Scrabble just came out recently. If she likes crosswords, she might enjoy it. And, believe it or not, she might really get a kick out of Animal Crossing DS. I’m 45 and got completely addicted to it. It’s not a word game, and it’s hard to explain why fishing and buying things and collecting museum pieces is fun, but it’s a wonderful diversion. Another possibility is USA Today’s Puzzle Craze (several different, simple word games). Good luck!

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This is making me want to go steal my daughter’s DS and get myself some games.

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@MissAusten Don’t steal your daughter’s! Just go get you a nice shiny new DSi—more features, bigger screen (for older eyes), and in a beautiful electric blue color (or little-black-dress black). Sooooo fun! And you can even play games with your daughter using DS to DS— Family time!

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@suzyq2463 I just ordered the Professor Layton game for her. I hope she’ll like it. I want to try and branch her out from her Anagram/Bejeweled obsessions.

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Brain Age is good; you can play sudoku on it.

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@andrew The Professor Layton game is truly a superior game, I’m sure she’ll get a kick out of it (plus, they give you hints to help you solve the puzzles). I can hardly wait for the next Prof. Layton to come out! Another game I had a blast with (and I’ve already played it twice) was Trace Memory. It’s a mystery game where you explore a deserted island looking for clues. It’s straightforward and not too difficult, but it’s got an interesting story, good art, and it’s very different from bejeweled-type games.

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2nd for Picross. I got obsessd.

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Peggle. Gotta love Peggle. Least effort resulting in a large reward.

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I really enjoy doing sudoku on my DS with Brain Age and the brain training is fun too. I never thought I’d like The New Super Mario Brothers but I bought it for the kids and we fight over it all the time! Sim City Creator is fun also.

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My vote is with sudoku, peggle and brainage, as well. My mom wasn’t much for handhelds, but she really got into these. Was she ever a fan of the mariokart empire?

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@Amoebic No, she only does casual games, and she isn’t a fan of brainage (too frustrating) or sudoku.

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Pokemon is the best.

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It’s not coming out until later this year, but scribblenauts looks really interesting.

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I hate brain age. Many times I got a bad score because it could not make out he number or selection I picked and would assume it wrong. I’ll write 11 and it would say 8 is incorrect. Blah!
I just got ticked off. My daughter who loves DS games tried it for a while and also gave up.

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