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What is your equivelant to the perfect pour?

Asked by Offero (225points) May 1st, 2009

In bartending there is a term known as a perfect pour. That is, if you are making up six shots of a mixed drink then, you mix just the right amount of each ingredient so that you fill each shot to the rim without having to either left over drink or having to make another small batch. This takes time to perfect, hence the term the perfect pour. I am wondering if all jobs have the equivalent to the perfect pour?

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Firefighters call the perfect pour a “save” no injuries and rescuing a victim.

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A mission that goes according to plan with no casualties.

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Perfect game (pitcher).... Well executed…. Haha and why is Liposuction a topic??

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I haven’t ever had anything like that job related necessary but I have a small case of OCD and I strive for that “perfect pour” in everything I do. It just makes me feel better about myself to know i did something perfectly.

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