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Is this incredibly distrubing to anyone else?

Asked by aviona (3260points) May 1st, 2009

I hardly ever watch TV, but I am for the first time in a while and saw this commercial. Is this really what’s out there nowadays? WTF? It’s not only disturbing because they’re covering that song in such a way and using Squarebob nonetheless. Also that Burger King guy is just frightening!

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It’s not disturbing… it’s off the charts retarded.

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Wasn’t there just something about this?

I love it. The kids meal thing is a little weird, but then I realized that it’s late prime time and geared toward my generation of parents. Bravo.

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As a mom to a small child, this is EXACTLY why I DVR everything, or pause the TV (if by some chance it’s “live”) during commercials.

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oh it’s disturbing all right
seriously, who thought THAT was a good idea? really

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pretty distasteful

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We’re talking about it, aren’t we? They succeeded.

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@Ivan I don’t know.. I still don’t want Burger King or a Sponge Bob Marathon. But, yes, in one sense you are right.

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Are you kidding me? The BK commercials are the best TV on the tube. Their marketing department is genius. It’s Sponge Bob Squarepants for God’s sake. Now this one should win an Academy Award

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It’s a bad clash of two very different things.

But no, I’m not disturbed by it. I don’t know why, but I’m just not. I’m not very easily disturbed.

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@NaturalMineralWater – This is just a classic marketing move. You may not like commercial – I don’t and, that is not a square…it’s a rectangle; however, they win by getting us to talk about the commercial. We may detest the commercial, but we keep the hype going. Someone will watch and buy it, because we’re talking about how much we don’t like the ad.

It bugs me the tone they are using and that the ad has the sexual undertone, maybe it’s not so much of a sexual undertone but you have to remember, when they market for kids, they also market for adults. Get the kids with Spongebob, get the parents with sex. (or both) In that sense, it’s genius…as a mom, I hate it.

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I love Spongebob. Burger King, not so much. I do however love the song as well.

Not an issue, so much as an opportunity for sexuality-obsessed right-wingers to cry wolf.

(echoes of Jimmy Swaggart)

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And where the f%@k is it written that we can use sex to sell everything under the sun but when it comes to Burgers it’s clowns, kings, pirates and girls with red ponytails. I mean talk about disturbing. Would you trust this guy around your kids?

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It’s not nearly as bad as the 70’s commercials:

The Burger King commercial is just dumb. I mean c’mon… it’s got Sir Mix a Lot for craps sake. How seriously can you take it?

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Ahh the old Stepford Wife commercial. That’s the fuckin’twilight zone.

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I agree with @The_Compassionate_Heretic.

It’s dumb, and that’s that.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic I’d say Pickle Surprise (fucking scary) worse than that Tab ad, but then again I don’t think it’s a real commercial…

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Burger King commercials are always mildly offensive, and geared towards men. My wife and I always say that Burger King doesn’t want any women eating at their restaurants. Can you call Burger King a restaurant?

Oh, and I am not disturbed by it. It’s too ridiculous to be disturbing.

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The Burger King guy creeps me out.
And yes, this commercial is kind of weird.

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@Knotmyday – For my son, it’s more of the Spongebob thing. We DVR and skip commercials, I avoid watching most of the crap. I just am about as burnt out on Spongebob as one person can be, if my son sees him, he goes bananas. Nails on a chalkboard, for me. I just can’t stand Spongebob. Blah!

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@cak yes, I realize that.. it’s not so much shrewd marketing as it is commonplace marketing these days.. it’s just one of the reasons I don’t watch tv at all. Sex sells, animations sells.. and hate sells… to who I’m not sure.. I’m just not buyin it. xD

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Shit. I shouldn’t have watched Pickle Surprise. I’m home alone all weekend.

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Haha @tinyfaery that would be a good thread…“What constitutes a restaurant?”

“Must not have a drive thru…?”

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Like the Tab commercial it’s a MIND STICKER
Come to think of it the Tab commericial is also marketing genius. I saw that on another thread like three years ago and I will never forget it as long as I live. Tab=Mind Sticker Stepford Wife with the perfect figure. I’m not saying it’s nice but advertising is just plain sleazy no matter how you look at it.

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@NaturalMineralWater ha! My son has learned just not to ask. Don’t bother, I’m the queen of “no!”

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@cak, understood, GA. Still love the litte son-of-a-gun though. and @tinyfaery has a point…

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OK so it’s plain that this is a divide right down the middle by sex. The men think it’s fine and the women don’t. Which makes perfect sense. Who will buy and eat more burgers?

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Burger King guy scares me. I never want to run into him anywhere. I don’t really care about the commercial one way or another.

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@SeventhSense Yes, I understand. I get it. I just wonder who is buying the crap. I remember commercials from years ago.. but it never made me buy the product. Is the appeal to our subconsciousness really that strong?

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Apparently…Finish this one “I’d like to buy the world a…

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”...square meal, clothing, and affordable housing?”

@NaturalMineralWater- Hmmm

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Did I ever say I’m not fine with it? I couldn’t care less. It’s just stupid.

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What the hell are mature packaged goods?

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OK the proof is in the pudding folks:
The company has recorded 16 consecutive quarters of growth in same-store sales — those open at least a year, a common industry measure. And in the last quarter, reported on Jan. 31, Burger King posted a remarkably strong 4.5 percent gain in same-store sales, even as McDonald’s and its other competitors showed recent signs of weakening amid a souring economy.
“They hit a core demographic group — 18-to-24 males — and give them what they want,” said Bob Goldin, an executive vice president of Technomic, a food industry research and consulting firm.

From NY Times February 2008.

Now what that says about me as a 41 year old male who likes these commercials is a subject for another thread. :)

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@SeventhSense I have a whole new outlook on you now. :)

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Blame it on an excess of testosterone. ;)

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Whatever happened to this little fella? I find the commercial incredibly stupid and that king creeps me right out.

The Tab commercial is beyond the beyonds! A “mind sticker” WTF? Stay skinny, drink diet cola filled with cancer causing chemicals, have one with your Virginia Slims. Horrifying is the only word I can think of for that commercial.

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One thing about that Burger King commercial is that it is doing its job and doing it very well. Not only are we all talking about it, we actually remember what it is for. Although there are a number of advertisements that are well made or funny or strike an emotional chord, a lot of those are not good advertisements because the viewer remembers the ad but not who or what it is advertising.

An example: I know the “what’s uuuuuup” guys were very popular for quite a while, but what were they advertising? Some king of beer, I think, but which one I don’t know. And there were a series of very cool car commercials with great music and people driving while the front seat passenger “danced” to the music, but what brand of car was it for? I think it might have been something Japanese but I don’t remember.

So whether you like the commercial or not, it is very effective.

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Exactly. And I posted the proof. :P

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@Darwin Budweiser and Mitsubishi Eclipse. Worked for me. ;)

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@andrew – Well, at least someone was paying attention. The only beer ads I can keep straight are the frogs (who croak Bud Wy Ser) and that train that Coors uses, and I can recognize a Chevy truck because I have one.

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Commercials are made to sell products, unfortunately they sometimes backfire. This commercial has convinced me to look elsewhere for by drive by lunch. It is disgusting and immoral but that is just MY opinion. Food and rearends just should not go together and then throw in the childs theme OMG!

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This was 2:23. Since when are there commercials on TV for 2:23? Is this a web-only commercial? As for the content, same-ol’ same-ol’. Holla at me when there’s cute young men gyrating around like that with stupid grins on their faces.

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@aviona, I feel your pain. That pickle surprise ad made me say What the f*ck? That was some weird shit, and I am ordinarily very used to weird shit. These ads are pretty much the reason don’t watch tv or go to movies. I am popular culture deprived, and I like it that way.

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@aviona—re:Pickle Surprise. That sure has the “weird” happening but I don’t think that’s actually a commercial spot. Then again, that pickle spot has nothing on the early works of John Waters when it comes to transvestite media.
The mindsticker Tab ad is far more disturbing because they were serious about their content when they made it.—

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See here for more opinions on this ad.

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Is it bad the butts are square?

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Whoops, sorry for the repeat.

Yes, it’s bad the butts are square. Haha. Well at least according to Sir Mix-A-Lot.

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kill your TV

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Totally unrelated: The tall guy in this ad is the guy under the Burger King mask.

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@breedmitch – Well, apparently he’s in pretty good shape, and should be enjoying his residuals.

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@breedmitch That was hilarious.

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i wasn’t offended at all. it’s dumb, yeah. but it’s so ridiculous that i think it’s really funny. i thought it was a spoof the first time i saw it, like SNL killing 3 birds with 1 stone by making a music video making fun of burger king and spongebob and stupid songs/music videos.

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I never thought the original was all that great, now we have to hear this. I guess One Hit Wonders have to make money somehow.

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oh yes i remember this HAHAHA i was watching the episode of NCIS where Kate dies(sorry if a spoiler) and all of the sudden THAT STARTS SINGING!!!

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That BK guy give me the creeps. One of my old bosses looks like him

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