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What is the name of this book?

Asked by bright_eyes00 (1343points) May 1st, 2009

Currently discussing movies with some co-workers and trying to remember the name of a book I read when I was younger. Its an actual novel, not a picture book, about a unicorn and an ape or gorilla. I vaguely remember the ape being very controlling and very agressive towards the unicorn. I believe there was an act of violence between the two. I cant remember the name of it…any idea?

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Is it The Last Battle – The final book of The Chronicles of Narnia? There is an ape named Shift and an unicorn named Jewel. link

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I was thinking the same thing as @Supacase. The only thing is that, as far as I remember, there wasn’t really any/much interaction between the unicorn and the ape. There was a donkey named Puzzle, and you’re probably forgetting about him and inserting Jewel into his place. That’s my best guess, anyway.

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I think @aidje and @Supacase may have the right answer. Jewel the Unicorn does engage in some acts of violence later in the book—thought not toward Shift specifically. Shift becomes increasingly controlling of Puzzle, and in the end is keeping him locked away in a case, as I remember. He dresses him in a lion skin and parades him in front of the Narnians (in bad lighting) to make them think Puzzle is really Aslan.

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