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Asked by DrasticDreamer (23974points) May 1st, 2009

I googled my name and this website popped up, but I have no idea what it is. When I clicked on the link, a lot of my pictures from photobucket were on the site. iXtractor had “top referers” and “latest referers” to the left and right of the the screen and all of them were porn.

Are some of my images possibly being changed and used for porn? I can’t figure out what the hell the purpose of this website is. Can anyone help me figure it out?

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that site looks scary! It looks like they are doing an aggragator for any type of pic that could be considered “sexy”. Kinda like Hypem but for smut. They have a link at the bottom stating that all of the images are the copyright of the individual websites where they are hosted….. I do not know what type of rights over photography you give up when you upload an image to something like imageshack, flickr, photobucket… etc.. There may be something you could do about it, depending on the said photo sites legal wording used when you signed up. I hate that has happened…. I can only hope for your sake none of the images are X rated!!!! Good Luck!!

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No, none of my pictures are x-rated. Some of them are even my photography pictures, which is why I thought it was even more bizarre when I saw all of the other porn links. How fucking annoying.

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whoa! NSFW site!

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It’s a “fusker” site. People input a site and a search range and they look for valid images within that range. The reason the top referrers are porn sites is because porn is the most common thing people search for with a fusker. Sounds to me like either someone was checking your photobucket for x-rated material or they just wanted to group all the images together into one place to look of them faster.

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