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What's the first thing you do when you get home from a long day at work?

Asked by knitfroggy (8962points) May 1st, 2009

I barely set down my purse and my keys before I’m ripping off the bra! I can’t stand the damn thing and wouldn’t wear one if I didn’t have to. After the bra is gone, I go for the shoes. What do you do when you get home?

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I break out a glass of red wine and if it has been a good and productive day we celebrate with some gouda cheese.

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Take off my pants. Or at least unbutton them…

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Beer.. I decided a long time ago the last thing I will do before I die is work. If I die I will be drunk.

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I usually untuck my shirt, turn on some jams on youtube, and chat with friends or something online till I chill out.

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An uninterrupted hour of video games while I listen to the news.

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Cook tea,empty bags, mark books, eat tea whilst watching soaps mark more books, a teacher never seems to switch off from work until about 10 at night, some nights!

But I try to relax at the weekend

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Swap shoes for slippers.

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drink some tea, watch television….call up friends…...actually would love to relax as you guys do…i will try from now!!

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Take my shirt off and dance around for a while.

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I remove my uniform (military) that I’ve been wearing for the previous 12 hours. Then I eat breakfast and go to bed.

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Like @Bluefreedom I remove my 12 hour uniform. Then I leap into the shower to wash off any ickys that I brought home from work, eat a quick supper, and go to bed.

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I’m with you, knitfroggy, the bra first, then the shoes. And I have a threadbare pair of jogging pants and a tshirt that replaces my professional attire I where to work.

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Take my shoes off; read the mail (regular and email; and see what unfolds next.

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Shoes off, usually the bathroom to pee, and then I check my email. Oh, and I usually take my pants off. I’m frequently pantless.

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Aakkkk… Just noticed a word mis used in my previous post…...“where” should be “wear”.

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I hit my easy chair and start my next chore, Petting the cat. She hits the chair two seconds behind me.

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Take off my shoes, get out of my uniform, put on some sweats, play with the dog a little, give my wife a kiss goodnight and go into my office to spend some time online. A few hours later, I go to bed.

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....then get comfy and spend the evening finishing/preparing work (what an exhilarating life, huh?)

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go to the bathroom, wash my hands, take out my contacts, put on my glasses, go to my room and take off my clothes and put on bedclothes. look at the home phone and see who called.

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Once upon a time, when I used to work for someone else, I would take off my bra, put on grubbies and go do some gardening. I might also drag the TV outside and grill my dinner and then relax under the stars.

Now I work from home so the bra is optional and grubbies are my typoical all-day attire. However, I can’t do the rest because now I have to take care of my husband, keep my son from doing stupid stuff when he gets home, make sure everyone gets dinner, and get people to various activities.

I never had to get my shoes off because I have worn Birkenstocks since 1969, alternating with athletic shoes, so my feet are as comfortable as they are ever going to be.

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after school:
straight to my room, change into a big tshirt and maybe shorts. i hate wearing ‘real clothes’ in the house. makes me so uncomfortable_. wash my face, and take a nap usually. get up anywhere between 6 and 8 depending on how much homework and whatnot i’ve got, walk around in a zombie state of mind for awhile, eat, do homework go online, talk to friends, go online, do homework go online, do homework do everything else i could possibly do, actually do homework, sleep

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Make a cup of tea.

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Change into jeans and T unless I’ve stopped in the kitchen for sustenance, or been trapped by a little weeding in the front “yard” plot. After I’ve changed, it’s time to make din-din. After dinner, it’s making lunches and helping my son with homework and piano practice. Finally, I can relax and fluther. Unless my wife has a honey-do list.

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I work out before I go home. But when I get home the first thing I do is get all my clothes off. [I live alone].I hate clothes and getting out of them can’t happen fast enough

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