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How did 7th grade change your life?

Asked by mushisquishi (61points) May 2nd, 2009

Let’s face it… it is almost impossible to remember our middle school years without reliving that one moment that made you stop and go “whoa.” Whether it was really frickin’ cool or the most embarrassing moment of your life… we’ve all got those stories. What’s yours? And how has it sustained its impact over the years?

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I had to learn how to use a locker and “switch classes.”

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One time, at band camp (played the flute): We went to a really fun camp, but during the soccer tournament between schools I got into a word battle with some kid trying to impress a girl on the sidelines. I beefed him after the game in a playground area and started and finished a fight. Ran away, got caught, then I was like…...damn I don’t want to be a jerk, just chill guy….....................................::..Then another time in hockey we were playing a team that was getting moved up 2 teir’s, we were the only 2 teams to be undefeated (but they were undefeated by a much larger margin), anyways they kicked our asses. I remember in the third period we were in their zone, and me playing center was infront of the net for a pass. These 2 huge defenseman just crosschecked me for like 3 minutes and I was just floppin around trying to get away from the slot. I circle around behind their high slot centerman and came in for a sneak attack waiting for a pass. The other team had a defenseman who grabbed up the puck and tried to come out the middle at the same time as my sneak attack, and he threw the puck away fearing a huge hit, we turned it around and I was thinking “hey that worked”. So I circled around to do it again after the puck got flipped back into the near side (circling far side). Anyways, some guy skated off their bench which was close to their blue line, made a straight line for me and charged me right when I was starting to turn towards the net. He got me at the exact moment I was shifting my momentum towards the play, butt-ended me in the chest and I couldnt move for a while. I came to with a bunch of people standing around me, and fought everythign I saw because I had lost it, punched the reff. Worst moment of my life, not a team-mate stepped in, not a person watching the game said “dirty hit” or talked to me after. I used to want to kill that guy who hit me, but then after much thought I came to a realization that maybe he thought I was just trying to charge people without trying to go after the puck. what if tht’s what my team thought too? And the reff? And the coaches? All they said to me was “calm down”. I don’t dwell on it so much, I think about the good times usually, but sometimes my mind slips and I am there.

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I learned that kids can be cruel.

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It didnt.

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I won our county spelling bee and went on to the National Spelling Bee in Washington, DC.

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I was introduced to computers in the 7th grade. A math classroom at my junior high had an old teletype in a closet which shared time on a mainframe at the university across town.

I set about typing little BASIC routines into that teletype, hours and hours after school. But here’s one of the great regrets of my life: An older kid I knew scoffed at what I was learning to do, and I got discouraged and dropped it. Considering that it was 1975, I figure if I’d stuck with it, I might’ve been one of the original Silicon Valley multi-gazillionaires.

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@TjHare: So much detail!! Are you in 8th grade now?

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learned how to french kiss…many things just naturally followed thereafter

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It didn’t really.

The only notable thing was that it was the last school year I had to spend in Pinellas County and I was looking forward to getting the hell out of that state. Which was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. But it wasn’t the school year itself.

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My teacher narrated the novel “A tale of two cities”...thus started my love of reading books

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I didn’t go to a public school until 6th grade. It was a huge culture shock. If anything 7th grade was just a continuation of that culture shock.

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@crisw I won the spelling bee too!! I didn’t go to nationals though because I was too scared… haha

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I started surfing shredding. It somehow worked to my benefit with the ladies. I became acquainted with my other favorite sport: tonsil hockey.

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Nothing particularly remarkable happened that I can remember.

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@La_chica_gomela thanks ill remember from now on not to post things like that

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I can’t recall anything significant about the 7th grade which just goes to show how uneventful and mediocre it really was.

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I remember it well. This was cold war time and we were challenged to put a man on the moon. The US decided the country needed to boost math and sciences. My school district selected the to top 2% of the school and put us in special accelerated classes where we learned deeper subjects. Project Mohole deep.
We even did our math and science homework in Base 7 to teach us about different systems. I loved it. I believe it helped make me what I am today.
I can still do a base 7 conversion.
I wish they would have selected base 8 or 16. That would been more useful.

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I have no dramatic recollections from 7th grade; like @aviona I had to learn to switch classes as we were now in “Junior High”. It was a much bigger school and there was some fear as our county had decided to bus kids out of their natural neighborhood schools and mix the populations and socio-economic groups. All in all I remember it being a fun, albeit somewhat overwhelming, time.

Currently, my kids are in 7th and 8th grade, so reading your stories is amusing to me. They now start middle school in 6th grade, so 7th grade isn’t as major an event. Academically, 7th grade is historically tough around here. I’m sure my son will remember an amazing student trip he took to Australia. My daughters memories are still in creation. They are both involved in sports and we do a lot with them (as parents/family); I’m hoping that “tonsil hockey” isn’t a hobby yet as @peedub mentioned! :)

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I believe I lost all my best friends in 6th grade, which was pretty rough.
In 7th grade, I became very close to my homeroom/social studies teacher. We’d share so many books, and I’d stay after class to hang out with her. She had a large impact on my life, at the time, and my mother to this day is still jealous!
Oh, and that is when I believe my nickname throughout middle school started shudders Kids were cruel and I could never understand it. The nickname didn’t even make sense. I took it way too personally, and I believe it played a part into my deep depression as a teenager (the being made fun of, not just the nickname)
After middle school, late into high school and after high school, I’ve been approached or messaged on things like Facebook by past school mates..all males, who told me they all had huge crushes on me. Totally confused me. I wouldn’t wish middle school on my worst enemy.

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I found out just how different I was, and it was hard to deal with. That and my burgeoning sexuality as I went through puberty didn’t help. Suddenly I had thoughts and feelings that I had been taught were dirty and nasty, and there was no one I could talk to about them.

I think may have been the year that school became more of a prison and less of a social and enjoyable experience. Religion fucked me up in more ways than you can imagine, especially the screwed up version of it that I was raised with.

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It was the year I quit gymnastics. It was also the year my body started to wear out on me :(

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I was terrified of going into seventh grade. I would be going to a bigger school with kids I didn’t know. I was fat and greasy at that age and I thought I would really, really hate it. Actually it wasn’t so bad-everyone else was greasy who isn’t at 12 or 13 and I didn’t catch any flack for being fat. I met two of my best friends in 7th grade. We are still as close as can be even tho one lives in Washington and the other lives in LA.

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I was allowed, finally, to shave my legs after Christmas vacation, during which time I finally turned 13. (MY mother had many arbitrary and mean rules.)

At the final assembly, to my surprise, I won a nice book for having the highest GPA. To my surprise, not everyone loved school as much as I.

I got my first period, my first bra and my first kiss. A banner year. (And I and my feet stopped growing.)

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I got into a bad car accident in seventh grade and was on crutches a few months. I had to spend all year going into my homeroom early so as to avoid the rush in the halls. This wouldn’t have been so bad but I hated my homeroom teacher. He was two faced and mean and stared at all the girls in a somewhat lecherous manner. He scared the hell out of me. I was also introduced to Weird Al in seventh grade. That almost made the rest of the year worth it.

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I blocked it out.

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7th grade was a pretty shitty year for me honestly. middle school starts at 6th grade around here by the way the kid i liked a wholllllle lot since the beginning of 6th grade ended up dating my best friend who knew i liked him (that i’ve been best friends with since we were like 3 years old), and i was just heartbroken. there was a lot of dumb drama involved, and i already had like major self esteem issues. i think in a way i still always expect something like that to happen whenever i’m into someone. he was the first boy i really really liked haha. but i don’t know. middle school can be a pretty crappy time, i think a lot of people hated those years.

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i was being bullied by this kid, so one day I stood up sick of that shit, I took my algebra and hit him in the face, then jumped in and kicked his ass, after that no one ever even thought of getting involved in a quarrel with me, i guess that worked well :)

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That was the year I stopped going to public school. I was beyond my years and being around “all of the morons” was starting to wear me out emotionally. I couldn’t connect with anyone because I was so different and depression started taking over. I talked to my mom, said I hated going to public school and I asked if I could be home schooled. She said yes and that changed the way I would live my teen years. No dances, no proms, nothing like that. I don’t regret it to this day. I have no idea what would have happened had I stayed in public school.

It made things more difficult – like getting jobs, because people were so close-minded that they assumed a kid who was home schooled would be a moron. Once they realized that it was actually the exact opposite, it became a little easier. People definitely judge you if you go against the norm, though.

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I saved a bunch of kids from a fire in an old church. It was me and my buddies, Pony Boy and Johnny. Johnny got burnt pretty bad and later died in the hospital. Pony Boy stayed golden.

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@Blondesjon ; I think I read outsidrs in 7th grade too.

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…i would rather forget 7th grade…:(

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