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What methods do you use to keep track of your todos and check the progress on a regular basis?

Asked by mattbrowne (31719points) May 2nd, 2009

From Wikipedia: In business, education, and psychology, self-management refers to methods, skills, and strategies by which individuals can effectively direct their own activities toward the achievement of objectives, and includes goal setting, planning, scheduling, task tracking, self-evaluation, self-intervention, self-development.

What are your favorite tools? Todo lists on a piece of paper? Your computer, PDA or cell phone? Your refrigerator? Your memory in your brain? What does really work for you and what doesn’t?

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I just kind of do whatever. Important things are hard to forget about, and minor things always get done eventually.

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I wrote a todo list app when I was learning RoR.

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If I have a lot of errands to do, I’ll make a list the day before and check off what I’ve accomplished as I go along. Sometimes when I need a reminder about something I need to do more than a few days down the road, and I’m afraid I’ll forget right away, I’ll place a yellow post-it note on my windshield (on the very left side so it won’t block my view) so that I’m sure to be reminded of it every time I get in the car. It is very effective for my purposes.

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What doesn’t work for me are PDA’s. I wasted a lot of money and time trying to love Palm Pilots and finally just accepted the fact that I’m a paper girl.

I have a Filofax that I essentially run my life out of; and a wall calendar that my family relies on. Daily and weekly goals are right there on my two-pager per week format; always in sight. When coordinating large events, I rely on check lists on a legal pad. I’ll start with a master list,menu, whatever; and from that come smaller sub-lists. It works like a charm for me and when the event is over, the list(s) go into a file folder with any other pertinent paperwork from that function for future reference.

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I do better if i have to-do list in my mind

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I have a small dry erase board on my desk at work that I keep track of tasks and due dates for my job. For personal things I have to remember I use my iPhone.

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I have a small notebook that I carry everywhere. I enjoy making lists and taking notes, so it doesn’t take much effort. Actually carrying out the tasks, however, is another beast I haven’t really figured out how to overcome.

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Apple’s iCal calendar program saves my bacon.

I sync it with my home and work computers as well as our two iPhones using Apple’s MobileMe net-app.

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Pretty much once a wekk, I’ll plan out my entire week of all the things I need to accomplish.
I never look at that list again, and don’t do it all in order, but everything gets accomplished eventually.
Other than that, I go day by day

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I have a wife. Very effective. Organizes and prioritizes everything.

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Good ol paper, a date book or I type it up on my comp (Word Pad). It pretty much consists of deadlines, appointments, important dates (Birthdays), things that I need to buy for the month, and budgeting. I check it a few times of week, and cross things off of my lists when they’ve been done. Works for me.

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I like Toodledo for personal tasks. For school-related tasks I use a planner.

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@bythebay me, too! :)

Like @bythebay, I am simply a paper girl. I have tried the PDA, thingies; however, I do much better with a good old-fashioned planner. I also have a calendar on the fridge that is fantastic, it’s 4 things in one – all sticky notes! fabulous! I have a shopping list, reminder list, list for to-dos for the kids and general “house” to-dos. I’ll take whatever list I’m working on, move it to my planner and go about my day. I’m also a post-it note Queen.

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When I was employed, I used Outlook because I was at my computer on a daily basis. Now I use hand written to do lists.

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For to-dos that do not have any specific deadline, I make paper lists in one of two notebooks that are on my desk at all times. Anything with a deadline gets entered into my phone’s calendar, with reminders set to go off anywhere from the night before to 15 minutes before. Before I started doing that, I’d write those things down on my calendar and proceed to never look at the calendar! I still manage to let things slip through the cracks, but nowhere near as often as I used to.

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@bythebay – I tried PDAs for that too and it doesn’t work for me either. When it come to Outlook (or Lotus Notes) I don’t use the todo features, but the calendar is extremely helpful for example when scheduling meetings at our company. But I also use for all my individual scheduling.

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