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Have you played Final Fantasy 11 (online game)

Asked by Triiiple (1356points) May 2nd, 2009

I’ve been thinking of diving into a new MMO and I think this is the only decent one I’ve read about but have never played.

What are your thoughts on Final Fantasy 11? Comparisons to other MMO’s?

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I hated it. I’m a fan of the FF series but the online MMO was not fun in my book.

I played it on the xbox. Maybe it’s better on a computer but I can tell you that I didn’t like it enough to give it another try.

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I am a huge ff fan but ff 11 is not worth it…

I too tried it on an xbox… and when i hated it, i turned the disc to defect it and promply returned it to best buy for a refund lol…

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Yeah im a big MMO fan and wanted a game me and my friends could play (on Xbox) because ill be traveling around in the summer and wont be dragging my PC around with me.

Ive been reading a lot of reviews for the game and didnt think $15 would be to bad for a month trial. Still not to sure though, i know MMO’s are grinds and what not so im ready for that but im must not sure about the actual game play, its turn based right?

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My husband has been playing FF 11 online for about four years. He loves it! He got me into it for about a year and I really enjoyed it a lot also. I’ve never played an MMO before, so I don’t have any comparison for you.

It’s always kind of griped me that it costs $15 a month (and a buck more for each extra character you have). But I suppose he could do a lot of worse things with $15. He’s quite addicted to it.

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Yeah thats the kind of thing i wanted to have going so id be able to play with someone all the time. Might just bite the bullet and invest $15 for the free month.

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It’s really fun. You will enjoy it. He plays on PC. When I was playing it was kinda fun to be on our own computers and play together. I was able to level up faster because he would run around with me while I killed stuff and make sure I didn’t die.

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You have to pay extra for extra characters? That’s a rip-off if I’ve ever heard of one.

In all honesty, I’ve never played FF 11, but I’ve never heard good things about it.

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this guy has been writing a guide with screen shots of his days playing. 3 days and hes like level 15 makes it seem easy. gives little descriptions on how he started and quests you should pick up.

only thing i dont understand is this job rotation hes doing. he was a monk until lvl 10, then changed to a thief to level 10 then warrior? why all this changing, for conquest points or something? why not just play the job you want.

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I could be wrong, but I believe FF11 runs on a job system similar to FFTactics (amazing game, by the way). Basically each job has different skills only available to that class, and in order to purchase those skills for use, you need to play as that class. So, say he plays as a monk for a while then switches to a thief – if the game is anything like FFT, he can still use those monk skills as a thief, so long as he purchased their use through points of some sort earned by combat.

Again, I don’t know how accurate that is. They use a job system, that much I’m certain of, but I have no idea what they’ve changed in terms of the finer details.

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Yeah im used to all the Tactics ones wasnt sure how this one went either.

Its really tempting, if i still want it next week im gonna snag it before i head to NYC. Need something to do!

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He’s probably doing it so he can sub Monk with Warrior or Black Mage with white mage etc. I leveled to 10 with Warrior and then went back to level Monk. I can’t recall what level you can use sub job but if you’re a level 20 monk you’ll be level 10 warrior if that’s what you choose. My husband could give tell you everything you ever wanted to know about FF 11, if you’re intersted I’ll give you his email address.

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The worst FF ever!

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