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Ideas for using raspberry syrup?

Asked by MissAusten (16132points) May 2nd, 2009

This morning I made some raspberry syrup, and it’s really tasty. It’s rather thin, but still made our pancakes taste great. Now I have about a cup and a half of the “syrup” left, and need some ideas on how to use it up. Can we make martinis with it? Use it in any recipes? Fun non-alcoholic drinks for the kids?

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You can use it in a chicken recipe :D

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Could you make raspberry milk with it? How about an ingredient in smoothies? Oooo, you could make fudge and mix the syrup in with the chocolate!

My mouth is watering just thinking of it…

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If you have any vanilla ice cream around that’d be a delicious non-alcholic drink (erm, snack topping) for the kids.

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Pour it in some Sprite or something-that sounds yummy or it would be really good on some ice cream. Or put it in the fridge and eat pancakes again tomorrow! :)

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It is lovely over cheese cake. Restaurants commonly use it to decorate dessert plates – you put an artistic squiggle on the plate, then set the dessert serving on top of it. I particularly like chocolate cake and Key Lime pie set on a squiggle of raspberry.

You could also use it in iced tea or to make fruit punch, to make a dressing for a fruit salad (or a cold fruit and chicken salad), or to flavor your oatmeal or other hot breakfast cereal. Some Starbucks types add it to their coffee but I prefer my coffee to taste like coffee.

One site suggests adding it to recipes for “cookies, cakes and icings. You can add a little to puddings and custards for a little extra flair. In addition to these uses, ...Raspberry Syrup can be used in the following applications: Italian sodas, snow cones, shaved ice, smoothies, pancakes, waffles, milk shakes, sherbets, sorbets, frozen yogurts and icings.”

I use raspberry vinegar when I make apple pie – I could see adding a bit of the syrup along with something acidic (lemon juice, white vinegar) to peach pie as well.

I could definitely see using it in trifle.

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Rub it over some lamb, if you are not into meats roast it with veg . Then again even if you do like meat have it with a roast over the roasted veg .
You could mix it with milk and part freeze it into lollipops

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It would be great mixed with seltzer or club soda; it would taste like an Italian soda. How about over vanilla ice cream and peaches for peach melba?

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Dribble it over yourself and lie on the bed and wait… only if you have a partner, obviously… lol

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NSFW thoughts, definitely NSFW….

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Rub it on your hands and pour it down the front of your shirt. Smear a little on your face.

Run to the neighbor’s house and pound on the front door, screaming, “Let me in!!! Hurry, they’re coming!!! Oh God, please let me in!!!”

Hope that your neighbor has a sense of humour.

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@Speranza and @Blondesjon Those are some ideas I wouldn’t have thought of! The first, my husband would appreciate. The second might cause my elderly neighbors to die of heart failure on the spot—tempting, because they are really annoying.

Lots of good ideas here! I am making some ice cream now, and will try to swirl some of the syrup into it for a yummy dessert. I also have some chicken in the freezer I can thaw out and make with a raspberry sauce. Thanks everyone!

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I could tell you but there might be young children here.

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Ice cream sodas! Take a big glass and fill it with as many scoops of vanilla ice cream as you can. Drizzle about 2 tablespoons of syrup over the ice cream, and then fill the glass most of the way with seltzer water. They’re best eaten with a long spoon to stir and a big fat straw to slurp through – but be careful, as soon as you start to stir, they’ll get very foamy – make sure you have napkins handy!

I love ice cream sodas…

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On top of vanilla ice cream. It’s seriously the best way to use raspberry syrup.

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You can use your syrup to make this Grape Flip.

2½ oz. Milk (Cold)
2 tsp. Raspberry Syrup
1½ oz. Grape Juice (Red)
1 Egg Yolk

Shake or blend very well, serve ice-cold .

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@RebeccaSJ . . . Won’t that make my doorknobs, ignition, and typewriter all sticky?

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