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How could one survive a helicopter crash?

Asked by Amurph (401points) May 2nd, 2009

If you were flying in a helicopter, and it began to crash, could you survive by jumping clear when the copter was about 10 – 20 feet above the ground?

What are some other / more realistic actions you can take to survive such a crash?

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Not likely.

Even if you were able to exit (most are spinning) the chances of you clearing the blades and debris are very slim.

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Probably not. You’d already have inertia from the descent and you’d risk being hit by the helicopter in addition.

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I would be too scared of debris and the blades. But, I doubt you’d live.
how morbid.

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No. Better to stay in the helicopter and practice your autorotation landings.

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The rotating blades would most likely slice you up if you jumped .

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There is no jumping clear in something like this. Either you jump up and get chopped into little bits by the rotors or you fall out and get crushed by the helicopter on impact.

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I think you need to count on autorotation and the skill of the pilot.

Jumping out just means you will hit or be hit by something else.

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The question was “could you”. The answer is “possibly” though not likely. The odds are against you. There are so many variables in that secnario. I would say take those last few seconds to pray and kiss you a** goodbye.

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As @The_Compassionate_Heretic hinted, jumping does absolutely nothing for you. I don’t just mean that it probably won’t save you, because of helicopter blades or anything like that. I mean that unless you have the ability to jump to a significant fraction of the height of the helicopter’s fall, then your speed is going to be essentially the same whether you jump or not, so frankly, you’re screwed. You might as well stay in and take advantage of the protection the helicopter’s body might provide.

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