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How to eleviate stress and work at the same time ?

Asked by mirza (5042points) December 13th, 2007

Tomorrow might just be the most stressful day of my life. So any tips on how to relax and work continuously all day.

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The two tasks seem to be contradictory, Mirza. Maybe cut down the caffeine, eat fruits and veggies rather than donuts and burgers, and stop and duck into a closet or outside for a few minutes of deep diaphragmatic breathing?

Normally, in order to alleviate stress, you have to change what you are sound as tho you are on an unalterable overload tomorrow, but maybe from now on, figure out a way of avoiding such a situation. Good luck, IAC.

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Just keep telling yourself that it’ll be over soon. My grandmother used to tell me that you can endure anything you know won’t last.

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Take a picture with you that represents something important or special to you. Something that embodies why your working in the first place, then as you start to feel stressed take the picture out and remind yourself that what your working for is worth the effort.

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If you create a sort of mantra, such as “it will all be over soon” or something more positive and affirming like “i can deal with anything that is presented to me” and constantly remind yourself of that, via sticky notes, little notes on your cell phone, or just repeating it in your head, it helps.

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Stress is actually excess adrenaline, so it’s actually a matter of siphoning off the extra energy. I usually go for a run around the block to do that.

The other thing I would do is to access your well of calm—to do that, crinkle your mouth gently into a hint of a smile (inner smile), and breath deeply. Feel the weight of yourself, notice the parts of the body that are tense, and relax them.

Finally, immerse yourself in the work—prioritise, and work in a way that you can feel a sense of accomplishment. Whether this is breaking it down into manageable chunks, or congratulating yourself when you have achieved mini-goals. Because once you lose yourself in the “flow” of work, that’s the point where you are probably functioning most efficiently. Take breaks, recocnnect, and plunge back in.

:) I’m in the middle of a marathon too right now. Thank god it’s something I love doing.

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i somehow survived writing two term papers on one day, working for 6 hours straight , attending a lecture at 8 am and finishing up a painting. But i am not all relaxed. Every single muscle in my body feels tired and worn out.

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@Mirza, I’m glad that you are still with us, but have you thought about better long-range planning in future? : )

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@gailvalled: long-rang planning has never really worked for me some reason. Its partly because of a bad habit of procrastination that has been plaguing my life since I was a 12-yr old

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I suspect you thrive on the adrenaline though it wears you down! If I’m worried or feeling emotional I keep a note in my pocket reminding myself stress is temporary. It might be a favorite line from a song, or something positive similar. I also deep breathe on the way to work, reminding myself it is only one day. One day that is sure to complete itself and would I rather be miserably inept, or get through it gracefully with all the willpower I can muster up? I didn’t always succeed the emotion but I give myself bonus points for my effort. Living in the moment is good. The days always ends with getting the hell out of there and on to the next life lesson. I love/hate those days. You can plan on your own stuff but not what others hand you.

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Chances are whenever I’m stressed I’ve been through something much more challening or stressful. I find relief knowing I was able to get through that, so I can sure as hell get through this. What doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger… Unless its a spinal cord injury.

And like many have said, it will all be over eventually. Just man up and stick it out.

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I think I’m about to find the answer to that: retirement.

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