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Do you ever wish that you'd get polled to grade the president?

Asked by mushisquishi (61points) May 2nd, 2009

You know how you’re always hearing about the “approval rating” of the president? Who are they asking? Have you ever been asked? If there were a way to poll anyone who wanted to be asked, would you participate?

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I would totally want to participate, but that wouldn’t be a very valid poll. What supposedly makes opinion polls valid is that they’re based on random sampling. If you got to opt in, the more opinionated, more active people would be more heavily represented in the sample, and the results would likely be skewed compared to a poll of the random public.
But yeah, I’d love to get polled sometime. I’m one of the ever-growing percentage of the American public who doesn’t have a land-based phone line, though, so I won’t be polled anytime soon.

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I was polled by Gallup a couple of months ago. It was pretty interesting.

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I’ve been polled a number of times in the past. It was interesting, but not exciting or anything. I have no idea how they selected me… I’ve never even been called to jury duty!

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They called and asked for the person over 20 who had the most recent birthday

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They randomly sample a populace, usually no more than a few thousand people. These polls USED TO be inaccurate, but they’ve actually gotten pretty good at it in the last decade or two (they’ve can predict most elections within a few percent).

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