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When a girl is using a pet name instead my real name, What does it means?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) May 2nd, 2009

Well, I met this great girl at the gym and she isn’t call me by my real private name (Ranimi), she now call me in a pet name she made up like RanRan or RamRam. Is that a good sign? Should I ask her out or it meaningless?

I don’t see her doing this to other guys she knows.

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If she says it in her normal voice, she probably likes you.

If she says it in a high-pitched, baby-talk voice, run like hell.

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Well, I have a habit of giving people pet names, multiple pet names, actually. I only give these pet names to people I like, but not necessarily like, like. So, you know that she has friendly feelings for you, as to how friendly, the only way to find out is to ask her out.

I say go for it.

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@cprevite -BWAHAHAHAHA!haha!

Yes, Ranimi23, chat her up a bit and see what happens. :) Good luck!

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Colud be she can’t pronounce youre real name!

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I had the same thought as @Cardinal. Maybe she is afraid of mispronouncing your real name so is hedging with a nickname.
Ask her out. The worst thing that can happen is she says no.

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Does she know you well? I find it so weird that she’d give you a nickname so quickly into the friendship.
If she indeed is having trouble pronouncing it, all she should do is ask. I always ask because I don’t want to sound like a fool.
I’m guessing it’s the pronunciation, so I wouldn’t think it meant anything else. She might still be into you.

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Hi, everyone – She don’t have touble said my real name. But this week she started with the pet names. I have asked her out before 3 weeks ans she said “I will think about it”. From that day the pet names started and I never mentioned my question again becouase I felt she isn’t ready to someone else, she broke up her boyfriend 3–4 month ago.

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What if you asked her to coffee/tea or lunch? Not a date date, but an opportunity to talk to her outside the gym (that’s where you said you know her from, right)?
You could even make it a group thing…would you and Sue want to have a coffe later today? Then she’s not on the spot and she can bring a friend along if it makes her more comfortable.

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Basically she doesnt like or doesnt like calling you by the name you were born with.

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I personally would only give pet names to some-one who i liked, and not necessary fancied but liked. She may just like you as a friend so next time your with her look at her body language and see if she says anything that hints she likes you.

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Usually when I call a guy by a pet name I’m trying to show him I care about him. Like that’s our special thing. But I would only do that with a guy I’ve known or been friends with for awhile. Not a random person from the gym. But I guess you’ll never know until you ask her out. See what happens.

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It sounds promising.Girls use “pet“names w/men their interested in or they would’t talk to at all! It means their creating an intimacy w/only “you” and like you!Try using a subtle pet name w/her to tighten the bond that seems to be forming.But don’t be crude or rude and you’ll blow it forever!Be sweet,cute and compliment her on progress,but don’t go overboard!You“ll lose her.Go slow!

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