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How come after I asked her out and nothing happened, she still keep on flirting with me a lot?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1911points) May 2nd, 2009

I have asked her out two weeks ago. She didn’t say “yes” and didn’t say “no”, she said she “will think about it”. After that I never mentioned it again any more because I think she don’t know what she really wants. I know she break up her boyfriend 3–4 months ago.

She all the times talk good things about me when I am around with her friends, but I don’t know what to do with it because she did not give me any answer at all and I don’t want to bother her any more. I have taken few steps back from her. I thought she will leave me alone now and I will go after another girl that is interested in me.

What I am not doing well and What she want from me and What should I do with it, if I should do something at all?

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She just wants attention

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What he ^^ said.

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Time is a valuable resource. Spend it with someone who’s willing to show you that they like spending it with you.

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How old are you? Because both of your questions are very immature, and I only mean that it seems you are lacking experience, and are probably a teenager. I don’t mean immature as a put-down.

Maybe she is just shy and doesn’t know how to show you she likes you. Being silly, and flirty, and giving you a fun nickname says to me that she likes you, but is unsure about how you feel and too timid to do anything about it.

Forget all her weird behavior for a second. Do you like her? Do you think she’s funny, nice and cute? Would you like the chance to get to know her more and perhaps become romantically involved? If so, then ask her out. Only 1 of 2 things should happen: 1. She says yes. Yay for you; 2. She says no and you learn to go after what you want and accept rejection—both are great life lessons.

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Ask her again, maybe she has made up her mind. If the third time you ask her and still no good answer, then find another to spend time with. And don’t wait 2 more weeks. Once a week is ok, every day is stalking.

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sounds like someone’s in the friend zone… have fun with that one big guy…

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all jests aside though, me personally, I don’t sit on my hands and wait for people for any long extent of time. Two weeks should be more than enough to make up her mind if she really takes you seriously, move on, find another pretty gal that won’t jerk you around.

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She knows you like her, so it’s interesting and fun to flirt with you. But she doesn’t actually like you back.

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maybe she didnt take it seriously…...or shes scared. oooorrrr she feels she wants to play this little love game with you SEEK, CONQUER and DESTROY… she seeks you, and after she conquers you the thrill is destroyed. aye just keep playing the GAME until she gives in. and if not…..she isnt interested anyway.

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because some women/men are just natural-born flirts.

something is usually missing in a flirt’s life: money, love, attention, husband, wife, significant other, stability at home or work.

flirts do what they do to get your attention, but they have other motives and you get sucked in.

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@eadinad As much as I hate to say it, I have to agree. Unfortunately, some people do not consider the feelings of others.

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Turn the tables, stop paying attention to her and don’t fall for the flirting. Anyway, she flirts because she knows you will respond. She sounds like she is all about the attention she gets, but really doesn’t care about whether or not she could be hurting you, in the process.

Find someone else, believe me…there are far better fish in the sea! :)

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Everyone wants attention, she just doesn’t want yours at the time being, probably because you have not created enough value in your self for her to want you. When you value yourself more, she may get more interested; look at it as stated before, you always win no matter if she rejects you or not. She needs to start perceiving you differently, not as I am assuming, anxious and nice which is always a bad combo.

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Everyone likes attention from the opposite sex (or the same sex) But there is such thing as leading some-one on and being a p**ck tease. Maybe she flirts with you because she does like you but she isnt entirely sure is she wants to be in a relationship with you.
Maybe you could try the jealousy route, Flirt with another girl infront of her but without making it look obvious and maybe she will think ‘o i need to step it up a level because he wont wait forever!’ It might dawn on her that you wont hang around and wait forever and she will talk to you and tell you how she feels. That is the sort of thing i would do but when it comes to situations like this i can be a little childish!

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head f***. she likes having you near and since she knows how you feel about her she is using it to get as much attention from you as possible. she’s flirting and toying with you. UNLESS! she actually does feel something for you. the best thing for your sake is to confront her about it GENTLY and try to talk this out together. get an idea where she’s coming from. how she really feels/thinks about you kind of thing.

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Hi all, I just want to update you. After 2 month we really didn’t talk much and I took a little step far from her, just to let myself get over her and move on with my life. Today I meet her and she started to talk a lot with me. She really opened before me, what she never done before. Now we talked about books and she asked if I can bring her the book I love to read now. I don’t know if I should give herr the book, it is maybe her way of letting be just friends which I don’t want. I want more than that.

I like this girl so I have asked her out 6 month ago. She said “no”. We remained friends since that time for several months. But, now she’s acting very strange near me. She can talk simply with all the guys out there but when I’m near by she is stressed and looking for my attention all the time, trying to develop conversations with me and say such obscure phrases.

What am I supposed to understand from her behavior now? I don’t want to ask her out again, I want her to ask me out if only she really want me this time.

Today we talked about books I read and she asked me if I can bring her the book I’m reading now. She said she likes the same books I’m reading. We found that we have the same Hobbies. Interesting!

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From my perspective, she’s acting strange because she knows how you feel and possibly she either a.) doesnt want to hurt your feelings because she does not feel the same or b.) she’s trying to see if there is something between you. For now, my advice is to just be her friend and let things happen as they will. Dont bring up the whole dating thing with her because she might just run or act even stranger to you. At least she is opening up to you and talking with you and what not. Let things grow between you and she might come to see that you’re what she wants or you will see that she isnt really what you want. Time will tell hun. Thanks for the update.

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Agree with @bright_eyes00 Time will tell. I think she’s just genuinly confused and doesn’t know herself what she wants or how she feels. Sounds like she wants to eat the cake and have it too, and probably also enjoys the attention you give her. Been there, done that, I’ve been in your situation so I know how it feels. I also agree with others, you need to show her less attention and show her that you won’t wait forever. Don’t pursue this too much, I think you need to be very patient with her and take it slowly. Take baby steps and see how she responds.

I think she probably likes you but is not sure of her feelings yet. If you’re patient and willing to wait she might come around. But how long you should wait and how paitent you’re willing to be in this case, well that’s up to you really.

I’d say, be there for her and be friendly, but let her steer the wheel. She should show you clearly she is interested if she really likes you.

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Because you have money left.

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Sorry to say you’re being played.This women has not had enough time to heal after her break-up.And she doesn’t know what she wants yet.It was probably traumatic for her and she needs time to heal.And unless “you” want to be the whipping boy and sucked into her hell as the “special” need guy run don’t walk as fast as you can away from her!Or “your” life will be hell and you will miss being w/someone who you will be happy with.She needs at “least” 6mon. to a year to get over this breakup.

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