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Do you care what beauty queens think about social issues, or anything else for that matter?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9655points) May 2nd, 2009

So, Perez Hilton is a self-centered jerk and Miss California is an ignorant, unintelligent and vapid person with fake breasts. I don’t understand how either of these things is news or at all surprising.
Are you interested in the opinions of celebrities on social issues? Why or why not?

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I’m just as interested in the opinions of famous people and celebrities as I am about the opinions of any other person I don’t know. How much I care is decided on a case by case basis.

Celebrities have the right to their opinions, and apparently people care about what famous people think or gossip TV and entertainment blogs would not exsist.

Personally, if I had access to money and exposure, I’d use my fame to benefit causes I cared about. How could I not? If my face and name led to donations and charitable works, I’d do whatever I could to make sure as many as possible would benefit.

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@Mamradpivo I agree that Perez Hilton is a jerk and I think I care less about his opinion than I do about what Miss California said. If he’s too single minded to hear all sides of an opinion, then he should probably not be a judge in any sort of competition.
That being said, I could not care one wit what Miss California said. Most of the time I think contestants in pagents say what’s PC or what they think will get them the crown. Miss California took a risk and apparently spoke her own, true opinion. I am not in her camp on this issue and I hope that her position as Miss California does not hold too much sway with others.

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Lol. Not really. The thought that beauty queens probably spent a lot of time deliberately looking for a clever-sounding opinion to support in order to look non-shallow kind of gives it an averse effect on me.

I think celebrities have way too much influence on common opinions. Mainly because their influence is in no proportion to their intelligence or how knowledgeable they are.

And then there’s anecdotes of organisations like the Church of Scientology paying people like Tom Cruise to say nice things about them, which don’t help either.

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I doubt that anyone whose main focus in life is her own body is going to be qualified to comment intelligently on anything important.

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Im too busy doing stuff I care about to worry about what some beauty queen or anybody else thinks about things. You know skateboarding, eating food, drinking beer, getting laid, catching fish, making money, and stuff like that.

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@fyrious I don’t think Scientology pays anyone, quite the contrary since they’re known for extortion tactics ;-) But that being said apparently the hollywood persona are being pampered since they provide excellent billboards. Why such a deadly anti-christian cult is allowed to exist is beyond me, though I by principle defend the rights of nearly everyone.

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“I am not in her camp on this issue and I hope that her position as Miss California does not hold too much sway with others.”

I am unfortunate enough to live in San Diego County, the home of this numskull. The little bimbo is now flaunting her prejudice at every big fundie church in the county; the one up the street from me has a huge banner announcing that she is speaking tomorrow :>P

“This Sunday, Carrie Prejean, Miss USA Runner-up, will be in all three of our Sunday morning services. You will want to hear from this courageous young woman who is willing to stand up for truth.”

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@Jbor: Well, paying celebrities to advocate them would just be an investment. Exactly because they have so much influence on people. More popularity = more members = more cash.
And then there are indeed reports of celebrities getting special treatment – I recall Tom Cruise got a personal cook on a Sea Org ship where there were only a few cooks to feed hundreds of people – and climbing “spiritual levels” much more quickly than non-celebrity members. Which is basically just another form of bribery, just to use celebrities’ influence.

(tries to resist the urge to go off-topic into a Scientology rant)

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@crisw: ”:>P”
What is with you and these pointy-nosed smilies? Lol.
My guess is it’s a fox.

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@crisw Yes, I saw her on the Today Show a few days ago, too. Even though she’s in the spotlight, there are plenty of people (I hope) who do not share her opinion.
There’s a part of me that wonder’s about an organization like In Defence of Marriage or whatever it’s called that would latch onto someone who has no real track record except being Miss California and the s^*t storm that she’s started in the media.
I wish she’d shut up and go away, and that the media would stop making a story out of nothing.

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Well, hey, look at how people of similar ilk glommed on to Sarah Palin….

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Never thought of it that way- perhaps, subconsciously, it is!

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@crisw oh, don’t get me started on that one!
@Fyrius I’m not likely to do something because a celebrity backs it or tells me it’s the right thing to do, but I do see their participation in some organizations as an advertisement that will get the attention of someone who might not otherwise pay attention…good or bad they are a spokesperson for the cause. I don’t think that we can deny that Bono has done a lot to raise awareness about poverty and genocide to the youth audience.

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Like it or not, there is a lot of influence by ‘celebrities’ when it comes to social and political issues. This is just a fact of life. I don’t know who they are influencing, but it must be a lot of people, considering the amount of money they generate for their sponsors.

Of course, if more people were like me, advertising wouldn’t work, either.

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Who cares what they think or say? They are usually trying to be politically correct so who knows what they really feel. If they do speak thier mind they are usually villified. So since it is a beauty contest just keep the mouths closed and look pretty.

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@Fyrius whisper Indeed. I wonder if they actually know what they’re geeting into? Since you’re interrogated for hours on end and basically forced through torture to reveal your innermost secrets, they most likely have the celebrities (and everyone else) in thumbscrews if they threaten to leave. But why aren’t the celebrities warned by their advisors? Everyone knows Scientology is evil. But more to the point – would Tom Cruise have been told about Xenu, the Boing intergallactic planes and the volcanic genocide only revealed to the upper echelons?

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@justwannaknow Somebody must care, considering how valuable they are to their sponsors. I guess it’s all the same people who care what the “fashion” is for each season, so they can run out and buy a whole set of new clothes.

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I don’t understand why our nation cares so much. We all have different opinions, I do not agree with hers, but life goes on.

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@Jbor: Torture? That one is new to me, though I wouldn’t put it past them. (Got any sources?)
I also doubt whether many people know just how sinister Scientology really is. And whether they would harass celebrities in the same way they harass common people – after all, they know the celebrities’ influence. Imagine Tom Cruise publicly taking a stand against Scientology, bringing to attention what goes on in there. It could be devastating.
Scientology survives by hiring good lawyers and suing everyone that looks at them funny, with completely inane charges (Wise Beard Man told they once got a guy sent to freaking jail for making a joke about “Tom Cruiser missiles”), and by one way or another getting the authorities to look the other way. If their malpractices became a world-wide news issue, they’d be pretty deep in trouble, as the politicians publicly investigate and take actions against what they do.
I think they try as much as possible to be nice to the celebs, and make them believe it’s all nice happy fun in Scientology land.

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@Fyrius I agree that most people are not aware of how dangerous Scientology actually is. There are numerous reports of them blackmailing people, and they stop short of nothing.
Here is an older example:

But as I was saying, initiates are being interrogated for hours on end (hence the ‘torture’), and are bascially forced to reveval their secrets. Which in turn are used against them as Scientology sees fit. What if Tom Cruise and John Travolta are in fact homosexual? Scientology would know, and would have them in thumbscrews.

Anyway, anyone interested in learning more about the evil cult can check this site out:

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I’m not going to count someone’s opinion out based on their looks. Their opinion is as unimportant to me as anyone else’s.

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@Jbor: Well, if they’d use the same kind of techniques on the celebs, I think their agents would warn them to stay away from the CoS. Particularly because they should see it coming that telling the Church such things would give it a powerful leverage tool it could use against them.
Also, I think we’ve spammed this thread with enough anti-Scientology propaganda now. :P

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Nope. Not interested. Not gonna lie. The whole beauty queen thing is nothing but a barbie conveyor belt. Press the button and they speak! Hooray kids!

Let’s celebrate superficiality!

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i don’t really care about beauty queens in general. at all. deeming someone the best based on looks alone doesn’t interest me.

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I care about their opinions as much, but no more, than anyone else’s. Everyone has a place and opinion in the collective. But as per the cult of celebrity, I think that that’s a sickness of society. Celebrities often just represent the ultimate level of ego attainment so people idolize them. That’s kind of strange. Honoring good actors and socially involved famous people like Bono or Angelina Jolie is good but following their every move like it has some significance just seems odd to me.

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After watching Bono do I Am The Walrus, his ass has a new stalker…My foot!

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Anyone who has any disdain for the Miss America pageant needs to listen to this interview.

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Has it still not sunk in? Since Joe Cocker no one has done the BEATLES right and no one ever will. It’s as sad as Pearl Jam doing the WHO.

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@SeventhSense One of my least favorite Beatle songs is Rain. Not long ago, i heard a woman do a soft, slow, guitar and piano version I loved.

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@filmfann: his ass has a new stalker…My foot!
@SeventhSense: Has it still not sunk in?

Either that was a deliberate pun or you just broke the world record for awkward choice of words.

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I really don’t care what anyone says about anything but they are all entitled to say whatever they want.

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LMAO.. It’s funny sometimes the subliminal mind is at work and you don’t even realize it. Hopefully he can pull it out. :)

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Help! My foot is sunk in Bono’s ass and I can’t get it out!

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personally i dont care much for beauty queens or beauty pageants. never have. i think its a waste of time and i dont think too highly of the whole being judged against other people in almost every aspect of your personality only to be told whether you are the prettiest girl or not.

this is no complex of mine. i’m not a womens rights fanatic. i just dont care for competitions like that

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I think the religious right is latching on to her because she is beautiful on the outside and can get attention to push their agenda. I must say, I could care less about what she thinks. We all have a right to our opinion. If we took a real poll, and counted every hand on to the gay marriage issue, I think it would pass. I am sick to death of people trying to tell me what is “normal” in the bedroom. They may be unfortunately under the belief that missionary only is normal, why do I have to do it their way? We are all people. God put all of us here. Don’t you think God has more important things to worry about. Don’t you think He would be happy because you found your true love and wanted to spend the rest of your life with them whether or not it was a same sex marriage?

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It’s pretty entertaining, but as far as taking whatever they say to heart. No, they are not in my life.

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