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Online Yellow Pages?

Asked by TheBox193 (992points) May 2nd, 2009

I have several related questions, I thought I would group them together.

-Which online yellow pages site would you say is the largest (most users)?
-Which age group is using online yellow page services most?

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Well, since you didn’t specify the country I’ll assume you live in Denmark, and or are the best ;-)

I wouldn’t know about the age groups, but they probably correlate to the ages most likely to use the internet.

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I haven’t found any online yellow pages to be useful. There are not enough participants, and therefore, they are too incomplete to be of any use.

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I use I don’t know how many users they have though.

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I was going to say the same as @YARNLADY

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I find everyone I’m looking for at Some just don’t have a big add. My apartments don’t pay to be there, but they’re listed anyway, just not in bold and not with a big ad

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