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IPhone 3G application data restore issues?

Asked by fortris (680points) May 2nd, 2009

I just restored my new iPhone that I got for my defective one, and after 6 HOURS, the home screen showed a blankness. All my apps where left out of the restore. I’m now syncing my phone to re-install my apps. Do I do another phone restore after to get the application data?

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Their data should be stored in this folder:
[your-username]/Library/Application Support/MobileSync

If the app data doesn’t end up syncing correctly: does that folder exist for you?

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@marmoset I actually went ahead and did what I said in the question. It did what I wanted for the most part (all my app data) but it removed 3 of my apps, and replaced them with ones I had deleted a long time before I backed up my phone. It was no issue, as none of these had saved data on them.

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Cool; if you want those 3 apps back, check to see if they’re in
[your-username]/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications

If they are, you can double-click them to force iTunes to reload them next sync—if they’re not and they’re ones you got from the iTunes store, try lgging into your iTunes account and in your purchase history should be links to re download them.

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@marmoset Yeah, I just re-deleted them and then downloaded them from the App Store on the phone.

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