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The horse that won the derby is a gelding, why are some geldings and others not?

Asked by blueknight73 (2706points) May 2nd, 2009


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A gelding has been neutered, and cannot breed.

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I didn’t even know they allowed gelding in the Kentucky Derby. Usually they want a good breeder to run.

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i know a gelding has been nuetered. i guess the better question is WHY would you nueter a horse that could win the derby, and possibly beat yourself out of millions of dollars in stud fees?

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The theory is that a gelding is not distracted by extraneous matters, such as sexual appetite.

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Sometimes it is not about the breeding money. Sometimes it is about winning.

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Have you ever watched the Kentucky Derby?

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@Ivan I have.

YES- I will concede that it is indeed a business. However not every horse races for breeding rights.

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Those are the naughty horses.

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@crisw Awesome link.

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Mine That Bird’s owners commented that he was more interested in the girls than in racing. So, he was gelded. Had he not been, he may have never pulled off the race he did. Fine horse.

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