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Do you ever have dreams so real you think you were there?

Asked by chyna (43871points) May 2nd, 2009

I do this all the time. Last night I had a dream so real that I can remember people in it, what they looked like and where we were. I almost feel like I was actually somewhere else, it was so real.

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Yes , It is normal but can still freak you out. Especially if one of the people in your dreams is one of the first people you meet and you ask them a question from the dream. Hope they do not give you the answer from the dream.

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all the time
some dreams are so amazing, i get pissed when i wake up

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All dreams are like that—it’s just that the memories of them usually fade so quickly upon waking up that you usually can’t remember how real it actually felt.

I have lucid dreams frequently, and I’m always amazed at how real everything is. I have fairly good dream recall, but even though I remember thinking that everything seemed real, it’s rare for me to remember just how real it actually is. While I’m dreaming I can touch things, taste things, hear things, and they’re all just as real as when I’m awake. Last night I dreamed that I was on a roller coaster, and I could feel the forces on my body. The brain is so cool.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I felt that way this morning. I was pissed off that I woke and wanted to continue the dream. I tried to get it back, but couldn’t.

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I did once and it was so real, that after I woke up, I was afraid it was a prophecy, and I worried for several years about it.

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Yes. My reality is sometimes so bizarre and my dreams so real that I often confuse the them.

I recall a memory and have to go Or wait…was that a dream?

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@aviona: I do that too! Mostly for little things, like did I take my coat in from the car? and I genuinely won’t know if it actually happened, or if I dreamed it.

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Yes, it happens to me a lot. I will wake up thinking very stressed about things that were happening in my dream. Once I was convinced I had forgotten about a class for an entire semester and had to turn in all of my work and take a final exam in two weeks. It took me a while after waking to work out the reality.

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Years ago, I walked into work, and my boss gave me the new job for the Navy Base. I told him it was already done. He looked at me and said it couldn’t be. I told him we worked on it the other day, and that I told him then it was done. He looked at me, not remembering. I reminded him that I told him about it right before we went in the back room and checked out the new rocket-packs.
I stopped, thought, then told him it might have been a dream.

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Yes, that happens to a lot of my dreams—the ones that stick in my memory the most. To make certain that certain interesting dreams are not forgotten, I write a detailed account of the dream on Microsoft Word. I’ve only done this for a few dreams, but I did it after I woke up, probably hours after I had the dream and I may have had another dream in between. But I remembered it so well that I was still able to type up a detailed summary of the dream and the images are still in my head as long as the text is there. Now, I have typed up some dreams and read a couple sentences I wrote and thought “what the hell?”—the memory had simply been lost forever; there was no image left. But most of the stuff I write can still be remembered with an image in my head.

What I want: a device invented some time in the future that can video-record a dream. There are so many dreams I’d love to “watch”. So many interesting actions, scenes, landscapes, buildings, events, emotions, feelings…I’d love to experience them again, even if it was just seeing it from a detached point of few.

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I always think I’m there.

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@Dansedescygnes If they ever make a dream recorder, I will be rich as a producer of some really messed-up stuff.

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I usually have very lucid dreams that I can control while I’m sleeping. Like, I know I’m dreaming while it’s happening. But sometimes my dreams are just so real, or panicky that I completely feel reality.

Once I dreamt that I was registered for a class and then I woke up and I was in a panic because I didn’t go to that class all year.

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When I was about 14 years old, my best friend called me and woke me out of a sound sleep. I was sobbing when I answered the phone. She was extremely concerned, and asked me what was wrong. In between sobs I informed her that my parents were getting a divorce. It took her 5 minutes to convince me that I had been dreaming. The proof? My parents had been divorced since I was 8 years old!

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I just remembered that I called my boyfriend one morning and broke up with him because I found out he’d cheated on me. I knew all the details of who she was, when it happened and how long it had been going on. Yeah… it was a very vivid dream and I woke up pissed off. It was a very confusing morning since I had woken him up and he had no idea what was going on.

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the other morning I was mad at my husband because he killed us while showing off in the airplane.

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@augustlan That dream was vivid enough to remember all these years!

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I had a lot of this when I was in hospital a few years ago. It was a side effect of some medications – known as “Vivid Dreaming”. Absolutely real, every sense affected, smell temperature, taste, sound. They stopped a month or so after I stopped using the medications.

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@DarkScribe So I’m going to have to kick that cocaine habit? just kidding.

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