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Would it be tasteless to copy Karen O's tattoo?

Asked by aviona (3242points) May 2nd, 2009

My spirit animal is a bee. If I ever got a tattoo I always thought it might be a small bee image.

I am also rather obsessed with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Karen O in particular. I noticed recently that she has a bee tattoo (two images there) on her shoulder.

If I were to get a bee tattoo it probably wouldn’t be as large as her’s, but I do like the placement (somewhere around the shoulder blade…or maybe wrist?) And I like her specific bee image as well.

Would I be ripping her off and is that tacky? I thought it was sort of nice—having a double meaning and all…

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I don’t think it is ripping off if it has legitimate meaning to you. If anything, it is an homage to her and the band.

I don’t feel that you are being tacky at all.

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Her tattoo looks simple enough that I wouldn’t think of it as ripping it off. It’s kinda like a rose tattoo. You don’t really think one rose tattoo is a rip off of another just because it’s rose in more or less the same spot. If the design was clearly a unique custom design it would be a different matter.

But I don’t necessarily see the point of sticking to her particular bee. It should be pretty easy to find all kinds of bee images. Clearer ones that would give your artist a better idea of what you want.

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If you went in and asked an artist to sketch up a realist looking bee you’d probably get something really similar to hers. If it’s that easy to request and duplicate without knowing it’s duplicated, I see absolutely no problem with it.

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Thanks for the input. I’m not even really thinking about getting a tattoo any time soon necessarily, just had to get the Fluther opinions of course :)

@SeventhSense :: “No comment?”

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@aviona He’s obviously thinking something since he took the time to write “no comment.” It’s probably something snarky. Pay no attention.

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If you want to cover the beutiful skin up that the good Lord gave you, then do not worry about what others have. If you like it get it. If others do not like it, tell them to deal with it.

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I was trying to be polite
But since I realized you haven’t gotten a tattoo I’ll express my opinion. The idea of a tattoo that is not tasteless or tacky is itself amusing. The whole concept sprung from primitive rituals of persons that thought the body needs adornment. Ironically these are some of the nicest tattoos. Bored sailors travelling to distant ports got tattoos and passed this tradition down to the fringe of society. Somehow enterprising bad artists convinced the world, through things like biker culture, that the world needed their bad art and furthermore it should plaster the bodies of beautiful young women. Ninety nine percent or better of this “art” is on par with a velvet Elvis painting. The only difference is that this is a velvet painting that is permanently affixed to the body. It’s a tragedy that beautiful bodies have to be permanently scarred with a testament to a whim. Skin is vulnerable and makes one feel and to have one’s skin exposed without adornment reflects trust and innocence. There is nothing more beautiful than this. To permanantly damage this surface is reject one’s own essence. And even among primitive cultures it was a highly ritualistic thing. The idea of a spirit animal to be emblazoned is not necessary. Crazy Horse did not need a horse tattoo. He embodied it.

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@SeventhSense boo!

@aviona I want a similar tattoo like a certain model. I’ve thought about bringing in a picture of hers, but have felt like I’m copying her. At the same time, I don’t want the same exact thing, just the same concept..if that makes sense. I’d do what Allie said, tell the artist you want a realistic bee, maybe look up pictures of bees and show him. Look at the sketches he shows you, if you don’t like them don’t get it..and then maybe bring in a picture of her tattoo to give him a better idea.

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Yes and you too can have the appeal

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@aviona: That wouldn’t be tacky at all. It’s a nice design. You might even be able to find a tattoo artist that would adapt the design to something more unique that you may even like better. If you live in Connecticut, I will shamelessly point in the direction of my tattoo parlor…

@SeventhSense: So the tattoo my mother got because she survived cancer was gotten on a whim? How about the one she got of a simple Picasso drawing in honor of me? Maybe the ones my friend got in honor of the birth of her first grandchildren? Yeah, those were definitely gotten on a whim, you know, a whim that lasted from the point of conception to sometime after their first birthday. Oh, and bad artistry? You’re right, the man who tattooed me who went to a well-rated art school and who has work displayed is a terrible artist.

If you don’t like tattoos, then don’t get one. There is no need to make nasty comments about someone else wanting to get one. It’s not your body, it’s not your choice.

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I fully understand what you’re saying @SeventhSense, which is why I’ve been so indecisive about all of this. I’ve been laboring over it for quite some time. Years, I’d say.

I feel like the line between a classy adornment, as you stated and the I think tacky biker can be thin at times.

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@SeventhSense No one is disputing that there are bad tattoos. But the fact that there are bad tattoos doesn’t mean that all tattoos are bad. And ultimately it is up the individual that wants to be tattooed ensure the quality of their tattoo through aesthetic choice and good artist selection.

Your comments do apply to some tattoos, some people with tattoos, but to ascribe those views to every tattoo and every person with a tattoo is a vast generalization. You may just not like tattoos, and that’s fine but there’s a difference between it being something that you don’t care for and something totally without merit.

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Whoa @ #3! @fundevogel! So cool, looks like a stamp.

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@fundevogel: Lurve for giving a more rational response than me…

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@aviona I love tattoos that really fit into the geography of the body, #3 is definitely a cool example of that. I don’t like tattoos that look like they were placed with the pin the tail on the donkey method.

@KatawaGrey – :). Props to your mom and the grandmother by the way, it impresses me when people from a generation that is largely uncomfortable tattoos decides to act in accordance to their desires rather than their peers.

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@fundevogel: They are pretty wild and awesome women. My mom is also a single mother by choice and our friend is a college drop out on her third marriage. They are also two of the most wonderful, intelligent and level headed people I know. :)

I definitely know what you mean about the geography of the body. My tattoo artist designed my tattoo so that it moved with the natural curve of my hip and stomach and doesn’t look just stuck on.

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First off I am a total elitist snob, I admit it.
But whatever happened to a piece of jewelery, an engraved bracelet with diamonds, a sterling silver chalice? I love you so much I am going to emblazon you on my arm? Personally, I would rather be in her heart.
No disrespect meant to your mom but that’s the nature of opinion. To each his own, or as a memorial that all could share, I might have planted a tree. Long after mom is gone the tree will still be there.

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@aviona: I just got back from shopping and I have a postscript to this!

Maybe it’s just because I’m more aware of it after your question, but that bee image is now everywhere. It’s like the big ‘swallow’ trend of a few years back. I live in an academic area that also has a lot of uber-hipster boutiques and within a few hours I saw that specific bee on necklace pendants, rings, tee shirts, and in an advertisement for a spring class at the University.

Even though you have an affinity for the actual bee, this particular image seems super, super trendy right now. I think there are a lot of other angles, images etc. that you could use that wouldn’t be exactly the same as this one. OR, sink the $50.00 into a big, statement making necklace with that image on it and test drive it, in a way. You may find that after wearing that necklace all the time, you’re kind of ‘over it’ or, you may feel like it really defines you and then decide to get it permanently inked on you. That just seems to be a good way to test drive it before you make a decision.

I own this bee necklace, which I really like, and think has a classic look to it.

of course I like the imagery and symbolism in swallows, bees, owls, deer, etc, and they mean a lot to many people, regardless of trend. it’s just that specific niche marketing that targets the urban, 24–35 crowd has been grabbing onto these images and replicating the hell out of them for the past 10 years…

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Wow thanks @figbash. I mean part of me wants to be like “fuck it, doesn’t matter it’s my thing regardless.” But I have to say, it’s something to take into consideration. And I think I was pretty much oblivious to this trend. But, of course, all that matters is what it means to me in the end.
The test-driving idea is a good idea nevertheless. Thanks.

Pretty necklace :)

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who is karen o?

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Ok so I looked up Karen O, which is probably what I should have done first. But anyway I am not a fan of the yeah yeah yeahs, but if you like them/her enough then by all means go for it. If people thinks its tasteless who cares. If you like it and want it. It is your body. Do with it what you want!

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