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How much electricity does your family of 6 use per month (according to your bill?)

Asked by aeschylus (665points) May 3rd, 2009

I am looking for the amount of energy in kilowatt hours used by a wired family of six, in order to see how many solar panels I would need to put on a hypothetical house. If anyone could submit the number on their bill, it would be most appreciated.

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I cant submit a bill , i have only 4 in my house .
But would it not be everyone’s usage would differ , and you wouldn’t get a proper usage for your house . Would it not just be a better option to just find out how many solar panels it would take to run your home ?
If that is more the case the answer would be 4 – 6 panels .

Sorry in advance i have just been a duffus .

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I have 4 humans & 12 animals (currently). Two animals require electricity. So, I’ll tell you that our average for a 2100sq ft home is between 24 & 28kWh per day. Hope this helps you figure it all out.

Is this a new home you’re bldg, or one you just bought?

You could call your local power company and find out what the average is in your region (that way they can tell you how many heating/cooling days you have where you live) for a family of 6 in whatever sq ft home you’re in.

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