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Priority Mail traveling half a mile: could it take more than a day?

Asked by marmoset (1260points) May 3rd, 2009

If I send a flat-rate Priority Mail envelope from the Main/Central Post Office in Manhattan (on w. 34th St.) to an address on w. 44th St., on the afternoon of May 7th, will it arrive on May 8th?

(Yes it must be mailed, no hand dropoff allowed. :))

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(And I guess the other question would be “does sending Priority make any difference?” but it’s actually a couple pounds so cost difference is minimal.)

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I have mailed stuff priority before and I think it’s slower than just mailing it.

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Well, 34th is a central sort facility, so your chances are good.
You should get it there in the morning and not at 11:30pm though.

Also, why take the chance, send it out tomorrow.

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:) Gonna be madly finishing the contents of the envelope this week, so can’t send tomorrow—I’m just asking for planning.

(And, alas, there is no more 11:30pm sending… to save money they are shutting down sending between, I think, 10pm and 3am. No more 24/7 post office in NYC! We’re losing to Chicago, people…!)

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Be lucky you are in NYC and not Chi town. If it was in chicago it would be better to send it by pony express. What should be one day will be at least two. The larger the package the longer the time.

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Couldn’t you just walk it the half mile? The round trip should not take more than 10 minutes.

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Yes, in all likelihood.

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Yes. Because even though the place you are mailing it to is only a half mile away it’s going to be taken to a mail processing centre two states over.

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I misread your question. I meant in all likelihood it would be delivered in one day.

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@Lightlyseared- Not true. There are several mail processing facilities in the NY metro area.

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I ended up mailing it not from the Central PO but from another zip code in Manhattan. It took two days to travel a few miles. :)

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