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When can I get my drivers license in NJ?

Asked by FiRE_MaN (684points) May 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

I have my permit and it says on it issued: august 11 2008. Do I have to wait six months after this “issued” date?

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Have you checked their website? They have a lot of information and resources.

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when you turn 16 you get your permit, and on your 17th birthday you can get your provisional license (has restrictions) then at 18 you get your full license

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I am speaking as a New Jersey resident who got his license not all that long ago. I think the same laws still apply, though they recently passed some new laws that will change the system sometime next year.

You can practice with your permit as long as you have a driver over 21 who has had a license for at least three years, between certain hours.

Typically when you get your permit you should have been assigned a date to take your driving test, probably some time in February. Since it’s been over six months since your permit was issued, you can take your driving test any time. Once you pass that you’ll be issued your provisional license.

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@petethepothead – you never answered “when.”

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He can schedule to take his test any time. The same day he passes the road test he can get his provisional license, and a year after that he can get his full license.

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I live in NJ. You have to wait 6 months after the issued date.

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awsomee thanks kayysamm and others.

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