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Nintendo DSi or DS lite?

Asked by Lightlyseared (33403points) May 3rd, 2009

Are the new features on the DSi worth the increased price? Or should I just get a DS lite?
Or should I go for a PSP?

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If I didn’t already have a DS I would probably go for the DSi personally. It’s not that much more and it will be a little more future-proof than the DS.

I owned a PSP and didn’t enjoy it. The screen is great but the games aren’t that good in my opinion, many are just ports of old PS2 games. You can hack them to do a lot of stuff though, which is handy. Of course you can also hack the DS.

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I would stick with the Lite. You can play gameboy advance games on it, which expands its library to hundreds of more games.

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It depends on what you want to use it for. If you want an all-in-one media device, the PSP is superior, but I agree with StellarAirman, the games for the PSP aren’t all that great, unless you prefer shoot-em-ups and action-based games. If you enjoy puzzle games, RPGs, etc., the DS lite or DSi would be a better pick. The DSi isn’t a huge leap above the DS lite, but it does have bigger screens, the ability to download games, and a better interface. In all honesty, I can’t tell much of a difference in the screen size (having upgraded from a DS lite), but I do like all the other new features. I don’t miss the gameboy slot because I didn’t play those games anyway, but if that’s important to you then stick with the Lite. At this point, there aren’t any DSi-only games, but I suspect it’s only a matter of time. In my view, if you can afford the latest technology, get it. Otherwise, when they do start making DSi games you might regret getting the Lite.

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ive bought PSP 2x and always end up craigslisting it due to not playing, DS has a bad ass lien up coming.

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I love my DS lite but now I wish I had the DSi-it looks great. My husband has PSP and doesn’t use it much. The game selection isn’t that great and he doesn’t use the mulitmedia features on it all that much. The downside to DSi is no gameboy adavance or Guitar Hero-but if you’re ok with that, spend the extra $40 or whatever and get the DSi.

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